Is it Spring at Last?


Link Posted 04/04/2013 - 14:27
Shot in the park this morning and the freezing wind was horrendous. A 3 shot HDR shot with the Sigma 10-20mm and the Pentax K5 processed in Photomatrix.

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Nice Shot!
I'm only 4fut3, but I look a lot bigger from a distance

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Nice shot the Sigma 10/20 lets you get some amazing shots I love this lens.



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I looks like Spring in this shot but this easterly wind is evil. Very nicely judged HDR in this shot Steve and great low down perspective
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Nice one Steve and you could almost be convinced there was a temperature not starting with minus - except I drove past Wakefield at 730 this morning and I know darned well it was freezing!!

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We still have snow, so it cant be Spring yet.
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Going from Teesdale over the tops to Weardale today the snow banks were taller than the car. Not spring like
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Wonderful colours. The angles of view through that lens are ideal for this compostion.

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Very nicely composed and a delight to see some flowers at last.


look at the horrible artifacts from the HDR processing, the tree bark actually changes colour according to the cloud pattern behind it. Were they silver birch or something like beech? Perhaps being over critical, I can also see double images in the clouds (presumably it was a blowy day) and those on the r/h side are a bit distracting. I'd like to see what could be obtained from a single image rather than the HDR stack.


Link Posted 05/04/2013 - 10:20
Now that's the sort of HDR treatment I like; when its used to improve the photo and not for bizarre effect.

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Lovely shot.



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Hi Stephen,
well used Sigma10-20, HDR interesting!
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Very nice
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Nice colours and style - gives us hope that spring may arrive soon ....
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