IR white balance


Link Posted 11/06/2012 - 13:52
Just got my K200d back from ACS after conversion to 720nm IR and now starting to play.

Can anyone tell what is the best way to set the white balance for use with IR?
K5, K200d (IR @ 720NM), X-5


Link Posted 11/06/2012 - 14:17
It definitely helps to set the white balance before taking photos as the auto white balance the camera comes up with seems to vary from shot-to-shot. I think the IR confuses it.

I am usually aiming for crisp white foliage and grass so I take a white balance reading from a big patch or grass if possible and then leave that set for the photo shoot.
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Link Posted 13/06/2012 - 19:40
Thanks for that.
Set it up this afternoon and much improved images.
K5, K200d (IR @ 720NM), X-5
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