Inside the ks-2 and new flash


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I wasn't expecting that! Interesting though to see it go through its 'I'm not wearing any make-up' phase.

cheers Gary



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Some really great details there. Looks as though it would be a nightmare to repair as well as build

Half Man... Half Pentax ... Half Cucumber

Pentax K-1 + K-5 and some other stuff



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Looks like an ever so slight change to the graphical ui on the back screen too. That 4 way dial icon looks a bit different from memory.

Looks incredibly complicated. I read something recently about mirrorless cameras having around 40 screws in total, compared to around 140 on the equivalent DSLR.


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The second last pic titled "Test-1" shows the two new big ones but there are three other unnamed lenses and a flash.

I assume the flash is the new small one already announced but the other 3 lenses look interesting, furthest away could be the new 18-50 but what about the other two? the green ringed one looks like it could be the 10-17 (why have it on a test table?) but what about the big red ringed one? I thought it was the 16-85 but the hood is a bit different, could this be a new FF standard 24-70?
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That olive green one looks very nice
Great on safari
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