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Has anyone got any advice on best places to buy good quality fade resistant ink for the Canon 9000mk2. It's about 85 for a set of canon cartridges which from memory claim a 100year or so fade resistant photos.

Having spent the time and effort taking photos I don't want poor prints, but also feel 85 is quite a but to pay.

Interested in your thoughts on alternatives or best places to buy from.

Thanks, Stuart
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Hi Stuart,
I really wouldn't put non-OEM ink in a printer used for serious photographic printing. I do know a bit about it, as colour management consultant specialising in creating remote printer profiles!
I see a lot of customer's targets printed with genuine and non-OEM ink, and the Canon or Epson inks always have a wider colour gamut and a higher D-max, not to mention being smoother with better grey balance, etc.
Tests done a few years ago by from a Canon Pro-100 with Precision Colors Inks, which is one of the very best non-OEMs, showed that fade-resistance was much worse than with canon ink.
I used to have a Pro 9000ii and have a print on my wall in sunlight, which has been there about five years without fading. This printer only ever had Canon ink and never had a serious clog. I do agree that the cost of inks is horrendous though, and I was always installing new carts. The tiny size didn't help!

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Thanks for spending the time replying, much appreciated 🙂
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