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Link Posted 19/02/2004 - 08:42
As there still appears to be no CS205 cable releases to be had for love nor money I spent twenty pounds on a Pentax infra red trigger as a play thing. It looks as though it might last two trips out before getting lost.

It comes in the usual Pentax silver box with no instructions whatever. It has two buttons, the main one fires the shutter of my *ist D but the smaller button does nothing. There is a symbol by its side which may represent trees in the near middle and far distant (focus?) - or maybe they are ice lollies, it's hard to say.

Anyone know what the little button is supposed to do on any camera and the ist D in particular?

Fools and their money!


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The tree symbol is for the compact cameras. It changes the zoom setting from wide to mid to tele.
Obviously it does nothing for the *istD. And I know what you mean about it getting lost - I've lost it in the camera bag a couple of times!!

And... the IR control does not focus. You have to prefocus.
The CS205, however, will focus.

With regard to the CS205, check out my previous posts:

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Thanks once again Matt, something of a useless gimmick then?

Regarding the cable release, I've had one on order with Park Cameras since mid October. They have said it will be with me this month. I'm either being stupidly loyal or stupidly lazy but if it carries on much longer....


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Hi Malcolm,

Well, maybe not entirely useless It's great for family photos because you can get ready and just trigger the IR from within the group. There's a choice of immediate release or 3 second delay in the custom menu

For macro work, though, I find the CS205 more useful and positive. If you are doing long exposures too, the CS205 is the thing to get because it has a lock to keep the shutter open without busting your finger

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Couldn't agree more Matt, it was a family group type photo that made me think it would be a nice thing to have. Also as you may suspect I believe that if you don't own a cable release you are not a real photographer. I may not be old enough to have taken photos with my head under a black cloth but I am no stranger to magnesium

Unfortunately the cable release when it comes won't make the auto-bellows set any easier to use. Why do they have to change these things

Kim C

Link Posted 19/02/2004 - 12:24
It's a shame it works so well. I was going to offer to take it off your hands for my 120Mi


Joshua Hakin

Link Posted 21/02/2004 - 17:55
Hey guys,
What remote would I buy to go with the MZS BG-10?

George Lazarette

Link Posted 21/02/2004 - 20:10

Joshua Hakin

Link Posted 21/02/2004 - 21:55
I meant which Infrared Remote will work with the BG-10


Link Posted 02/03/2004 - 02:57
is there a remote that one can use with the OPTIO 230?

infra-red or otherwise.?
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