Import duty VAT on used purchase from USA


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does anyone know if import duty is payable on used items shipped into UK from the States? The item is a ten year old lens that I will be making a private payment for from a friend.

I know new items and ebay used items require duty and VAT, but I'm not sure about the above.



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If the sender marks the customs ticket as a gift with a max value of 19 you will not be charged any import duty. Anything over that and you will be charged Import Duty and VAT on the value of the item plus the carriage cost, then there is also a handling charge by the importer whether it be the Post office or other courier (FEDEX, DHL etc).



Kim C

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A slight correction to that. There is no duty but there is VAT on any goods over 18 or 36 if it is marked as a gift. If VAT is charged, then it will also be caharged on the postage cost and just about everyone except DHL will charge a paperwork fee for collecting the money.



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DHL wanted money off me. But they delivered the goods first and billed later. I didn't pay and wouldn't let any sender use them now.


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Just ordered a small secondhand item off e-Bay from a US supplier, cost $34.95 (about 22.55). Delivery: $24.00. Import duty and VAT: 12.11 I have to go and collect it (so much for first class delivery!) and Royal Mail won't hand it over until duty & VAT paid. This comes in total to 72.63! Hell's teeth that's something I won't do again!


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That's a Lot, I ordered a lens from the USA last year, value 350 ish, paid 60 in fees and duty, well worth it as I'd saved 500 on the lens anyway.

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Interestingly, 'personal belongings' are exempt from import duty and VAT, which at least in theory opens a whole range of possibilities ....
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