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Have always wondered why your images do not appear to be as sharp on photo paper as on your computer screen but looking at an old book written by Scott Kelby dont know why i didnt pick it up before but he says over sharpening your images before print in photoshop. He says to use the unsharp mask and over sharpen the image until you think its to sharp by moving threshold to three and radius 1.0 and keep moving the amount to about 120 or more, he recons by making an image to sharp on screen will be just right to print its probably best to make copies of the image before.



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The radius and amount will also depend on the print size.
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Oddly enough I use very similar settings threshold 3, radius 1 and about 100-130 sharpen

But that's for an A3 print, something like a 7x5 I drop the radius down to around 0.3 or 0.4 and the sharpen will very rarely go over 100.
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