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I asked for some advice on photographing the Northern Lights, and promised to post some photos when I returned. Unfortunately the Northern Lights were very weak, and it was quite cloudy in the evenings when I was there.

I've attached a few photos of the visit though. Minimal processing apart from a few crops and a little lightening.

1. central Reykjavik

2. Sculpture on Reykjavik waterfront

3. Hot springs at Geysir

4. Landscape at Geysir

5. Golden Waterfall

6. 'No man's Land' - between the tectonic plates

7. Northern Lights - the best I could get - 30 sec exposure.

8. Sunlight on the Glacier

I don't really feel I've done it justice, but these are the best I managed to get. I'd love to go back and spend more time here, hiring a car to travel wherever and whenever I like, rather than being herded on and off coach.

Any comments welcome.


Link Posted 27/02/2020 - 09:50
You've done very well under the circumstances! I love the colours in the first one, and the bleakness of the countryside.
I've never been and am unlikely to get there, so I am always a bit envious of people who do go.
My son was there for two weeks, a couple of years ago. They hired a campervan but because of the time of year couldn't do as much as they would have liked. They both loved it though, and being horsey enjoyed riding the Icelandic ponies. They never saw even a glimpse of aurora as it was cloudy most of the time.
It is solar minimum now, and the sun is particularly inactive so you were lucky to see the little that you did!
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