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Kal 10 d

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....however it mentions the 2 times converter.... but i suppose that is extra is it??? I dont see it "in the box"... Going to speak to my local camera suppliers 2moz..... any last words ????
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I should look in the classified section of this website if I were you...
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The converter is extra and not really worth having as the Bigma is already slow at 500mm, and the converter only makes it worse.
Good lens though. As amilner says check the classifieds on the forum!


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I think a converter would only be usefull if you use the Bigma on a tripod... I wouldn't recommend it, though.


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I wouldn't expect great things from a converter on the Bigma (The common name for the Sigma 50-500mm). I've tried a variety of them and they're useful if you cannot get a shot any other way. One of the biggest problems is the light when extended to 500mm and the ability of the camera to auto-focus accurately. However, it's a cracking lens in its own right.

Oh, and I do happen to have one for sale on this very forum

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