I'm after a tripod!


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I need some advice,my old tripod is a bit worse for wear so I'm after a new one.I've looked at what's on offer but the list is endless, so recommendations are asked for

It needs to be sturdy and steady!...adjustable legs, which are quick and easy to operate ,and a head with a decent sized pan/tilt handle, not much to ask for really!.....help me out guy's!
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beginner wrote:
I need some advice,my old tripod is a bit worse for wear so I'm after a new one....

...help me out guy's!

Buy one with three legs!
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I use a Mannfrotto 190XPROB- £86.99 warehouse express.
I have the 804RC2 Head.the centre column can be used horizontally.

After a years use I can say that imo, this is a well engineered piece of kit and should last years.

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I also have a Manfrotto 190XPROB, when I bought my K20d I was looking for a decent sturdy tripod with plenty of availability of different heads and reasonably portable, the legs are very adjustable. This tripod fits the bill for me and is well priced.
I take it everywhere and strap it to my rucksack when heading into the mountains.
You could buy the carbon fibre version but they are quite pricey and I am still fit enough to carry the extra weight.
You may wish for a taller tripod occasionally in which case another model maybe better but I think for normal use this is a good option.
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I have a 190XDB with a 39ORC2, this combo was £100 last christmass. It is quite heavy, but very sturdy and a good starting point.
You can get a 4 legged tripod if you want.

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I use my K20D on a Manfrotto 190XPROB with 488RC2 & 804RC2 heads. I find it's a very sturdy tripod thats suits my needs.

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I was given some advice on tripods a while ago : get the most expensive you can afford.

As long as you make the right choice it will last you a lifetime. I think the trade off is sturdiness versus portability. I went for a Gitzo 1298 Basalt. Very sturdy with a clever hook for your camera bag to add stability, but because of the construction material, not too heavy.

Nothing worse than leaving the tripod at home because you can't be bothered with carrying the extra weight.

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Get the heaviest most expensive you can, I can't give you any advice about specific new models since my Velbon is thirty years old and still going strong. I had to buy a new head for it, a Manfrotto 3-way, I thought it was a piece of nonsense that the original won wore out after only 25 years.

I'm impressed with my Giottos monopod and would certainly look in that direction. Calumet's own brand offer good value and are certainly worth a look.

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My own criteria is:-

Sturdy enough to hold my K20D + grip + SMCP 500mm lens.
Light enough to make me decide to take it with me, rather than leave it behind.
Must have the ability to spread the legs flat and have removable centre column to hold the camera at (or very near) to ground level.
Must have a facility (hook) to add weight for stability.
Must have the option of metal spiked or rubber feet.
Must have a ball-head with independent horizontal and vertical controls.

My choice:-

Manfrotto 055PROB and 488RC2 head.
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I use the Manfrotto 055PRO with 804RC2 Head and i have bought retractable Spikes for the feet, I did`nt go for the Black PROB as it would only get scratched off and look scruffy so i bought the plain aluminium which was around a tenner less! There is a tool for re tightening the legs but i found the top part became loose and had to have a small hole drilled so that an Allen key could be inserted to re tighten it. But otherwise it is a brilliant Tripod that i take almost everywhere.
Regards - Pete.
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I have just ordered a Giottos MTL 931 B £75 including delivery - spec is similar to the Manfrotto 055.

Definitely worth considering.

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You could do a lot worse than look at the Red Snapper range of tripods and heads.


I own the 283C version, and with a Gimbal type head it supports a large DSLR/Grip/and 300mm+ lenses rock solid. I also have the RSH-12 Ball Head for landscape/other work.

The kit is amazing for the price, and customer service is top notch too.

I also have a Slik Pro 400 DX and head, which is also a very sturdy tripod for general photography work, but it's heavier than the Red Snapper Carbon, so generally gets left behind!


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Thank you very much my friends......it has narrowed the field down a bit!....Living out in the wild's with no photographic suppliers near at hand makes it rather awkward to check these items out.I may have to wait until our meet down in Yorkshire to see them first hand,you can't beat seeing gear in the flesh!......Thanks again!.....Ken
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