How to check for sensor stains?


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milamber wrote:
Well thanks, I think. I'm not sure your reply needed to be quite so patronising.

I don't know why some people are simply determined to take things in the worst possible way. I wasn't at all intending to patronise.

I just pointed out that whatever you're using, and however you're judging 'clean', it ain't working

And there have been plenty of times where I've failed to think through something, and when someone points out why, I realise immediately the mistake I just made - hence the comment about where the mirror is. I then grin and move on. In fact, I usually prefer it if it's my dumb mistake, since if it isn't there'll be a more serious problem that's a lot more hassle to sort out.

But heyho, if you're determined to turn it round and accuse me of being patronising, go ahead. As I say, it was not my intention.
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Gwyn wrote:
milamber, I have experienced the dust check showing it to be clear but there still be stuff on the sensor.
I use an Arctic Butterfly brush, and now also have their loupe to check the sensor is clean.

I don't know what you used, but I would try cleaning it again, maybe with wet swabs if you have tried a brush.

Thanks Gwyn

I used the Arctic Butterfly brush, but will get some swabs and try them. I just assumed that the in-built dust check would work and if it showed clear it must be something else.

Any particular swabs you'd recommend or are they all much the same?


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I was going to link to the ones SRS sell, but their website seems to be down.

Visible Dust, the makers of the Butterfly, do good swabs, but Eclipse are also good. Just check the liquid provided is right for the sensor.


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Thanks again Gwyn

I tried SRS too with the same result, so I've gone for the Eclipse ones. Fingers crossed!
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