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I haven't posted for quite a while. Then today I bumped into Gary (K10D) at Whitby, and he reminded me about this place. So, I thought I'd post some recent horse shots. With the K-1 and Tamron 70-200



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If you like horse photos, have a look at

Some amazing images of horses. Not mine, I hasten to say!
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Nice to see you here again Alan. I like these, especially the third, fourth and last one. Lovely lighting.

Hope Gary is well.

My son has just acquired a horse. I haven't met it yet but I hope I can get some pics half as good as these. I'll get his partner to hold the horse - she's better looking then him!
There are also some gorgeous Friesian horses up the road I might try photographing.

Thanks for that link swarf.


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The third one is a lovely portrait.

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Great shots those Alan.

Can't say i've ever thought about equine photography but it looks like it makes for great images.

No.s 3 and 4 above if I had to choose.




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Hi again Alan... Good to see you here again.. Thought you had

Great images.. A litlle different from the usual equine stuff...
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Great set, we don't see too many equine shots
No 4 is just fantastic,
What a cracker.
I know what i like, If not always why.


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what lighting did you use Alan?
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derek897 wrote:
Great set, we don't see too many equine shots
No 4 is just fantastic,
What a cracker.

Yes four is a great shot!
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Class stuff as usual Alan. I was well impressed with your lighting technique at Whitby.

Always a pleasure to meet. Look forward to seeing you post on a more regular basis.

Best regards
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Wow! Really nice collection. I liked the one in blue very much!
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Great quality set - agree with many other that no.4 is top notch - clever use of the bright background behind the horse which really helps accentuate the subject, a studio technique in the field (literally)


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Thanks for the feedback folks.

Most on here will have seen my shots from previous years at Appleby Horse Fair. I love horses. And this has got me a bit enthusiastic. Thinking about doing it on a part-time basis.

These are the 3 free portfolio building shoots, with actual clients I've done to date. I've posted in the order I took them, and in each one I progressively got more keepers than in the shoot before. So much so, I was planning on re-shooting with the first girl, who I met at Appleby. Unfortunately, she is currently suffering with morning (afternoon and evening) sickness.

My favourite of the bunch is the last one. Though, I have processed the last 2 slightly differently, lifting the blacks slightly. I think I prefer the originals, but that potential clients will prefer these edits.

I had asked if people would wear anything other than yard or riding clothes. And only the last girl was up for it. My thinking is they'll get loads of shots in their normal horse wear. And I want something more distinctive to show off my work.

As to lighting, Alistair. All natural light, except the 2nd last one which has been popped with fill flash.

Some nice pictures their swarf. And Gwyn, get those Friesians photographed. They're gorgeous beasts.

Great to bump into Gary and his good lady. Could have chatted for hours.

I've got some horse photos from a workshop I did too. I'll post some of those later in the week.



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While I do agree #4 is a great image/portrait, I appreciate the "difference" in the last one best. It was a great idea to have asked them if they would do the shoot other than in riding clothes, and a good call on her part to ride with you on that idea!



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All good shots but 4 is my favourite. The gateway, track and trees frame subjects so well.
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