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My name is Clive Kent and I live in Stamford, Lincolnshire, I'm retired and now have more time for my hobbies. I have recently purchase a Pentax K-R as I already have some Pentax fit lenses from my Pentax MZ-10 film camera which also work with the K-R.
I hope to learn a great deal from being a member of this forum as in the past I have only been a shoot on auto person, so now is the time for me to start learning to use it it on manual and obtain better results. I would like to make/meet many friends along the way.
Pentax Kr - Pentax 18-55mm, - Pentax 28-80mm, - Sigma 70-300mm,
Sigma 150-500mm.
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Hello and welcome Clive, enjoy the K-r, super camera.

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Welcome to the forums Clive, look forward to your input.
My piccies.

vic cross

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I blinked and nearly read CLARK Kent. Welcome Clive. I'm just along the road in Kettering with "col55555ine" = Colin. CHEERS Vic.
Born again biker with lots of Pentax bits. Every day I wake up is a good day. I'm so old I don't even buy green bananas.


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Hello and welcome
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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Hi Everyone thank you for the warm welcome, and no Vic that's my cousin I myself can only leap small lego buildings and stop oo gauge model railways lol!!
I like the bird pictures you submitted after your trip out to Maidwell in January with the other two members. Its nice to know that there are members close by to meet up with via the "Local Groups and Meetings" part of this forum. All in all I'm glad so far that I found it.

Pentax Kr - Pentax 18-55mm, - Pentax 28-80mm, - Sigma 70-300mm,
Sigma 150-500mm.


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A belated welcome to this forum, Clive. Though my contribution has been minimal, I make a point of checking it regularly. They are a great bunch IMO : informative, helpful, witty and sometimes like taking the mick out of each other. I certainly find it beneficial to be a member. May it continue to exist ...at least until I can no longer remember how to press the shutter!!

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