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Hi all, just joined up here as recently brought myself a GX-10 (with the dual lens package) nice and cheap from park. Was looking around for a DSLR after deciding I had totally outgrown my Fuji bridge, and longing to get back to a proper camera (had a Zeiss SLR many moons ago in my youthful days).

Researched all the entry level Dslr's then read some reviews of the K10/K20, saw the prices for the GX-10's and realised I could have a mid-level camera for the cost of an entry level one. Decision made for me then and there (also remembered the quality of pentax lenses).

The weather proofing will also prove a boon as I shoot outside 98% of the time. Mostly into landscapes/still life and motorsports shooting.

Would like to get some more lenses at somepoint soon, thinking of a prime and maybe a wideangle, though the kit lens does seem surprisingly good at the low end, any suggestions?

Cheers Tel.
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Hi Tel, welcome to the forum...
Congratulations on the GX-10

If weather and dusty resistance is important to you have a look at the Pentax DA* range. The 16-50 is a nice wide angle zoom
Regards Huw



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Hi Tel

The GX 10 is an utter baragin at that price.

I love the Pentax/Samsung 10-17. Will fill the gap before the kit lens starts. Quick search shows one at Park for 260. This may go up in price, rather than down (but I know someone is about to tell you to look at the Sigma...)
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Hi Tel,Welcome to the forum,nice camera (still got my Fuji boxed up )Shhhhhhhh!
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Hi and and welcome to the forum.

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Hello Tel and welcome to the forum.
The older I get the faster I was.
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Hi Tel welcome


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Hello Tel,welcome to the forum.
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