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I don't suppose I will be on this forum that often, having found that I only need a small digital camera for my work now. At least I know how the ploughmen felt when the traction engines came along.

If I need a better digital camera, I think I will start from scratch, however this means I have a bit of film camera stuff to dispose of (mainly Pentax) but I'm not really sure what it is worth; although I'm not going to give it away.

What is the best way for you all to assist me, please and where to post a list for opinion?

Regards, AL


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You realise you can use your older Pentax lenses on the current DSLR's? That is provided you haven't disposed of them! You should be able to pick up an early one quite reasonably (say a K100D, K200D, K-x etc.) and you wouldn't be disappointed. Get a K-5 and you'll be thrilled!

John K


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Hi John.....Yes, I was pretty much aware I could use them on digital Pentax cameras. I think all my lenses have the K fitting (it was K wasn't it?).

But I have so much stuff and clutter that I am unlikely to use again, I think I would just like to reduce it somewhat and I don't need to carry 'large' cameras any more.

Anyway, what is the best thing to do with my list on this forum? Take a guess at some ONO prices or just post the list unpriced and see if there are any attractive offers?



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it is best to suggest prices that you are looking for. The site does not operate auctions - its much more friendly



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Hello and Welcome
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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There's a bit about it here which you should see:

Have a look through the classified section to see if there is anything similar listed, also have a look on fleabay to see if anything similar has been sold and find out what it went for. If you pitch it too high you can always reduce the price. I'm sure though you already have some idea how much you are looking for.

John K


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Thanks for the advice.

Posting a list shortly. Many apologies if I get it wrong.

Don't laugh at the prices, if I'm that far out tell me gently.

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