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I have mulled over lenses for long enough now and its driving me crazy.

Im enjoying landscape photograph sooooo much at the moment but am still using my kit 18 55 that came with my K-x.

People are being very kind and telling me how much they like em' but I know in my heart of hearts they could be sharper.

Money is tough to come by and I dont want to sound like a street beggar but what would be the best lens for me if I really tried to save for one?

I want to know if people find the Tamron 17 50 2.8 to be a good landscape lens and sharper than the Pentax 18-55?

The lens I would like is the Sigma 10 20 but I think the 50mm on the likes of the Tamron would come in handy.

Here is an example from the 18 55 the other day.

Perhaps I should just dance with the girl I brought to the dance? Very undecided right now!

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Hi Alistair, interesting to see you posting about this again. There are probably several routes you could take for extra sharpness. Here are a few of my thoughts:

- The image posted above is nice, but it is definitely not the sharpest and you could do much better with better quality glass

- DA 16-45 is sharper than the kit lens and good for landscapes; I recently sold mine to fund a DA 17-70, but I'm just about to buy one back as I've missed it (see comments below on the 17-70). Example DA 16-45 image:

- There are some great older prime lenses out there for landscape work that you can buy very cheaply, take the Pentax-M 28mm F3.5 for example. I often praise this lens; it cost me £30, is very sharp with great colours and contrast; see image below that I posted on a similar thread today:

- DA 17-70 is sharper than both the 18-55 and the 16-45. Landscapes with this lens are very detailed, although it does distort quite badly at wide focal lengths (this can of course be corrected quite easily). See example image below with the DA 17-70

It's probably difficult to tell from the reduced size images above, but when viewed in full resolution, the sharpest is probably the Pentax-M, followed just a whisker behind by the DA 17-70, then the 16-45. All are what I would describe as sharp and all are much better than any of the 18-55's I own or have owned (I've had 4 of them and currently have 2).

Hope this helps, unfortunately I can't comment on the Tamron as I've never had one and don't know anyone who has.


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thank you very much David - kind and thoughtful as always. Thats a great response!
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A most useful thread - I too am facing a similar dilemma: replace the 18-55 that I sold with another 18-55WR (my son is just starting to get interested in photography using my old K200 so I want to keep at least one kit lens), or upgrade to some better glass. Having upgraded to a K5IIs, I now feel I need to save up for some high quality lenses to get the most from it.

My shortlist is similar: DA16-45 or Tamron 17-50. The DA17-70 would also feature if I could find a cheap one. I would love to put a DA*16-50 on it, but that's just plain unrealistic!!

Good luck with your hunt - I'll watch this one closely.


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Tammy 17-50 2.8, DA*16-50 & 16-45 come up for debate all the time, if you read everything, you'll probably make it an impossible decision, they come across so evenly matched. Personally I decided by discounting the 16-45 as too slow therefore not as versatile., the DA*16-50 as too expensive, and ended up with the Tammy. Tamron works for landscapes certainly, and at 2.8 you can use it for a whole bunch of other things too, mainly people/events.

Without searching the internet for better deals, a quick look at Amazon shows the Tammy @ £279 and the DA*16-50 @ £799. Ideally I'd like to own a DA*16-50, but whoooww not at that price. Particularly if it means you can afford a Siggy 10-20 to boot.
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I have been lucky enough to own both the Pentax 16-45 as well as the Tamron 17-50.

The 16-45 was my lens of choice until I bought a Sigma 10-20, great for landscapes, urban shots the lot.

I then picked up the Tamron for a wedding and at f2.8 it is super in low light, for landscapes, urban, portraits and as a replacement for a kit lens I can't fault it.

If I had to pick one or the other Alistair, I would go for the Tamron as it is far more versatile and of the two the only one I now own!

Hope this helps .

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I have the Tamron and it is indeed very good at just about everything, including landscapes. However, if you find yourself yearning for something much wider than the kit lens, the Tamron is only a bit wider, though the difference between 17 & 18mm is certainly noticeable.

If you're looking for nice, very sharp old primes for landscapes, the best one I can think of is the K 28mm f/3.5, however it's quite rare and prices can be high. The M 28mm f/3.5 is much more common, goes for half the price (or less) of the K, and is just as sharp, though the rendering is not as good.
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I played around with the Tamron 17 50 today

WOW - this has to be the best "cheap" lens ever made!

Definately going for it!
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The tamron is a rock solid choice. Very good results even wide open. Mine is super glued to my k10 while my prime legacy lenses perform NEX duties.
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