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Hi All

I want to organise my images into thumbnails in PS can this be done as I am fed up of having hudreds of images all over my hard drive I need to get them in some sort of order. Any suggestions

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I am still using the method that I used with my old Minolta Dimage Z1. This camera had the lovely option of creating a new folder every day on the memory card.
I still use folders based on the date in the following format: 70417 would be the folder for today.

I am sure that there are as many sorting methods as there are Pentax users
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I use the Organiser in Photoshop Elements. It builds a thumbnail catalogue and you can apply various tags to pictures, then filter the view of the catalogue by those tages. It also makes it easy to archive them to disk (CD or DVD), keeps a thumbnail online, and prompts you to put the disk in the CD/DVD drive when you try to open an image that has been archived.

Also when I first transfer the images from the card reader I have a folder structure along the lines of My Pictures > Year > Month > Topic or Location
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Pete - depends what work you generally do? Mine is mainly landscapes so I sort mine by location and then have sub folders for date as per Golf Diesel's suggestion.

I also have Elements and use the organiser there too for finding things...

The main thing is to pick folder titles that you will recognise and tell you what the contents are - it can be as complex or simple as you make it...


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Picasa 2, free from Google, can view PEF or DNG files too.

When moving files to the PC I rename the folder on the card first then copy to my RAW folder, my naming convention is "2007-04-17 K10D", this makes windows sort in cronological order and differentiate folders from my old istD.
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Think that Picasa still has issues with K10D PEF and DNG files though.
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If you're using PS then you should also be able to install (or have installed) Adobe Bridge. This can sort, filter, apply tags etc...

Otherwise Ulead Photo Explorer is good for $30
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I too have Elements, and use that to a certain extent. But I also have folders and sub folders in My Pictures (I assume it's called that in English - I have Dutch XP) so I can find things quickly - Macro, Landscapes, Dogs, Family, Holidays etc for the main folders then sub folders and sub sub folders. It works for me. Every now and then I use Elements to bung a load onto an archival CD and clear some room on the computer. (Iin addition to the usual regular back-ups that is.) I view them using either Elements, or, more often, Irfanview.


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Well from all those replys it would seem I am a bit of an old dinosaur I am quite content with the thumbnail folders provided by good old winXP
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Store them in sensibly named folders to start with. Simple.
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so I guess extensis portfolio or lightroom is going a little overboard?
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I dunno... most of mine seem to end up in a file named 'recycle bin'!!!

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With IrfanView (which is free!) you can watch all the photos, raw-files included, as thumbnails. You can also create folders and arrange your pics as you wish.


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My new way is: I burn images from the cards onto CD or DVD first.

Then everything is simply imported into Extensis Portfolio, and this then creates previews and all images are in separate databases. So if I go to a zoo for example, then the result will be 1 CD/DVD and one Extensis database. The database will contain, the date of the shoot, location, and all the images will have their original names with descriptions, exif etc added.

The originals remain on the CD/DVD.

I used to keep all images on the Hard drive, but that gets a pain, as the number of images rises!

I am investigating Silkypix Studio for my graphic application, but for storage as mentioned above, I burn all images to CD/DVD, and import to Portfolio.
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