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Link Posted 06/11/2008 - 13:01
I have an old S1a to which I am sentimentally attached - I've had it since 1964. In between I have gone the whole route through most formats and manufacturers (well, it's a long time!). This body has been in a metal case for 20ish years and just been retrieved from France. It obviously needs a CLA not least for the foam seals but also the shutter which although jammed on retrieval now partly functions - the curtains don't meet after the 'exposure' has been made - so:
1. Is it reparable?
2. Any ideas on where?
3. Any clues to likely cost?
Although have a fully functioning LX and a Program A for when being lazy I would love to get the old girl up and running again if for no other reasons than this was my first 'proper' camera.
Any help / pointers / tips would be most gratefully received.
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Link Posted 06/11/2008 - 13:23
Yes it will certainly be repairable and you could check out Asahi Photo and Harrow Technical plus others that advertise Pentax repairs at the back of Amateur Photographer and other magazines.

It won't be cost effective though and it would be financially better to just buy an S1a that works.

However, as you say this camera has a sentimental value then that changes the equation and if it changes it enough then the money spent will be worthwhile.
Best regards, John
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