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Link Posted 17/12/2007 - 20:44
I have the onset of rheumatism in my right wrist, my GP would probably call it "wear and tear", which makes it a bit painful on occassions to hold a camera. So, I am seeking advice and help in the use and choice of monopod or other such device.

Thanking you in advance.

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Howard just a thought, maybe a chestpod would help?
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Hi Howard,
Sorry to hear that. When i read about your problem i thought: maybe the next thing could relief you in some way. First learn yourself to take every picture from now on, with a good carbon fibre tripod. Light and very sturdy. Light to carry and easy to set up (like the one Manfrotto makes, that sets up quickly with using only one hand)Your left hand in this case. Ask about it in a good camera store,they know about it!, So strain on your wrist is kept to a minimum. What is very bad for your wrist also, is composing with your camera to your eye. Use the trick large format photographers use for ages. take an empty slideholder (24 x 36) and use that to compose. Put directly before your eye equals wide angle and put at armslenght it equals tele. In between should be standard. This should take the pressure of your wrist . Hope it helps you out.
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I remember a fellow I saw in vancouver years back, trying to eke out a living with his polaroid camera. He was in a wheelchair, and crippled up pretty bad. He would offer snapshots for a few bucks.

He had a leather pouch on his belt, into which he slid one end of a short stick (about the length of a collapsed monopod) and his camera mounted to the other end. He had a cable release mounted through the end nearest the camera. He had the camera strap around his neck. He could aim and fire that pretty good with his left hand....

so my advice would be to mount a cable release to a monopod and see if that helps
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