Link Posted 08/03/2003 - 21:36
I will soon be taking some shots indoors of detailed items & don't want to use flash, the lighting is low voltage helogen (24v transformer) there is enough light for the Fugi Velvia or Provia I will be using, & NPC160 or Superia 100 print films. But will I need any corection filters? I can't find anything mentioned regarding Helogen, though there is pleanty of info on other light forms.
Can anyone help me on this please?


Link Posted 09/03/2003 - 20:32
This is a difficult one to predict - it depends on the halogen lighting. I sell to dentists and we use halogen bulbs in dental lights, but the colour teperature can vary from 4000K to 5500K. It can, therefore, be very close to daylight, but it could be much redder.

I would be inclined to shoot a test film and try the films required without filtration and also with an 80A (light blue correction) filter. Then see which colour balances suits.

As regards the amount of light, if you are using a tripod there will be no problem with camera movement. What about subject movement? Perhaps if light levels are too low you could consider faster films?
Best regards, John
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