Hello to all.


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Hi, just found the forum, and decided to join.
It's nice to see a dedicated forum for Pentax users in the UK, hopefully I will get some good tips and insight here.
I live in Stockport, but do get around a bit

My kit in case you are wondering are the K20D, K10D, *istDS, MZ-5n, MZ-50 and a few lenses to play with.
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Welcome to the forum, Offertonhatter!
You came to the right place for tips and insights.
This forum is not strictly for users in the UK, there are quite a few members from far away places.

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welcome offertonhatter from one hat to another hat post a pic in the main gallery so we can see what your made of
just keep snapping,



CAMERAS = k200d + battery grip.
nikon d300 + battery grip.
LENSES = tamron aspherical DII 18-200mm f3.5/6.3,
nikon 18-200mm afs vr f3.5/5.6 g dx
sigma 150-500mm apo dg hsm os
sigma 170-500mm apo dg
FLASH = samsung sef36pzf flash + more.


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Thanks for the welcome. I have just uploaded an image to the gallery. I do have one or two(!) on my flickr site as well
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Welcome to the forum. If you have the time, update your profile to tell us roughly where in the world you are.
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Just updated it. cheers.
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Welcome to the forum, enjoy your time here!


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Haven't we met before - I remember asking you about the Hat Museum! AP Forums?

Best regards, John


Link Posted 01/11/2008 - 15:34
Possibly John, not been on the AP forum for a while.
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Welcome Offertonhatter.

Gwyn's idea of a 'Just Joined' section seems to be working well.

Bodies: K20D (2), K10D, Super A, ME Super, Auto 110 SLR, X70, Optio P70
Pentax Glass: DA* 300, DA* 60-250, DA* 50-135, DA* 16-50, DA 70 Ltd, FA 31 Ltd, DA 35 Ltd, DA 18-55 (2), DA 12-24, DA 10-17, M 200, A 35-70, M 40, M 28, Converter-A 2X-S, 1.4X-S, AF 1.7, Pentax-110 50, Pentax-110 24
Other Glass: Sigma 105 macro, Sigma-A APO 75-300
Flash: Metz 58 AF-1 P, Pentax AF160FC ringflash, Pentax AF280T


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Offertonhatter welcome...


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Offertonhatter welcome to the forum

K10D, K5
DA* 16-50, DA* 50-135, D-FA 100 Macro, DA 40 Ltd, DA 18-55


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Welcome to the forum.

Pentax K7-Pentax 100-300F, Pentax 35-80F, Pentax 18-50DA, sigma 28-80 2.8 -sigma 135-400 APO.


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Welcome to the forum - nice tiger's eye in the gallery!
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Hi Mate,

Welcome to the forum

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