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I've just joined the forum and thought it would be rude to post a question straight away before saying hello here.

I knew nothing whatsoever about photography two years ago, before getting a k-r whereas now.......er, well, anyway, I may not know any more but have just treated myself to a K5ii so we will see how I go with that. Seriously, despite being probably the least technically minded person on the planet, I've forced myself to a point where I understand at least the basics of the in camera controls. Now I need to work out some of that mysterious post processing side of things. The main thing that I've learnt so far is that no matter how pleased I may be with a photo, there is always a nagging voice in my mind saying 'it could have been even better'!
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Hello and Welcome to the Forum!

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Hey, i am in a simlar position to what you were and am only now starting to pick up a few bits and pieces, i think the most obvious thing with editing is that everyone has there own opinion on what is and isnt good, i would say just try a few things and see how it goes. If in doubt post them on here and i am sure one of the more experianced guys will help you out with some advice. Happy Shooting for 2014.



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Welcome, I'm sure that you'll enjoy the K5ii.

Phil (from a very damp Surrey!)
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Hi and welcome, I'm sure you will be happy here, there are a lot of friendly, humorous and very knowledgeable people on this forum.

Look forward to seeing your photos in the gallery.
Regards John/Jumbo


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Hi Gary - welcome - I am relative newbie as well and still learning about what K5iis is capable of. Look forward to seeing some of your work.

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Many thanks to you all for your welcome - and belatedly, a Happy New Year


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Hello and welcome
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