Hello from Hampshire UK


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Long time lurker here from Hampshire UK

Old MX user with film and K7 with digital looking to upgrade.

May have lenses for sale but not sure best way to go about it.

Regards to all



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Hi David, welcome to the forum.

As you are new here, might be worth uploading a few images from either your film days (scanned) or with your K7 just to give people the opportunity to interract with your online presence for a week or two. With a few posts behind you and hopefully some chitchat/banter then might be a good time to tell people what you are thinking of selling...getting a feel for any potential interest. Then most people would take some shots of the items they wanted to sell and post them in the Classifieds section of the forum together with a brief description of condition, be honest about any defects or problems, indicate why you want to sell them and price them (indicating whether price includes postage or not)...offers generally would come in via the personal messaging service then which is discreet allowing you to communicate with potential buyers. Once you've agreed a sale or received payment most people would post this under the online ad so other members would know the current status of the sale.

Hope this helps.




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Hello Karlo

Thanks for the reply

That all makes great sense, thanks for spelling it out.

All the best



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You're welcome.


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Welcome David, I'm also from Hampshire UK and a Pentax MX user. Looking forward to your posts.

Best wishes,


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Hello and Welcome!

"I'm here because the whiskey is free" - Tyla

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