Hello from a backslid Pentax user


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Hi All,

Coming back to Pentax after a long break.

I used to be a huge Pentax fanatic about 20 years ago. I lovingly used ME Supers, MX and K1000 and a collection of lenses including A24/2.8, M35/2, M85/2. Later in the mid naughties, I modernised and bought a MZ-5n... I guess I was always about a decade behind!

Anyway, I backslid after purchasing a Nikon D90 (is that brand allowed to be mentioned here?) just before the start of the 2010s. (I also briefly dabbled with Sony E-mount - oops, mentioned another non-P brand - for a while: all good systems and I loved them each of them for different reasons.)

I recently moved home and rediscovered my old Pentax gear and headed straight over here.

So what been happening over the past 10 years? Did the MZ-D / M52 ever get released? (Oh, wow, I so wanted an MR52 back then... the MZ-S was my second most lust for camera body after the LX.)



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Welcome aboard - you've got some catching up to do on the tale of Pentax evolution

But you have Pentax lenses that are compatible with any of the current Digital bodies - should you choose to accept that mission!

The MZ-D was never released (the sensor wasn't up to the task??) and there was a long wait for Pentax to follow other manufacturers into the digital world, many believe Pentax are now an also-ran - but not if your blood type is Pentax-Positive


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Perfect time for you to get yourself a Pentax K1 II (I use the version I). You list some nice lenses in your post. I own the two M series lenses you mention and regularly post K1 shots with them. Get them back into service on a format (size wise) they were designed for.

Link to shot with M 85mm f2.0 https://flic.kr/p/2j5dv7y

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Wow, the K1 II ain't cheap! However, it looks like it's spec'ed like a D850 but priced like a D780.

TBH, even if Pentax had released the MR52, it wouldn't have been within my budget. (I remember, back then I was still using my ME Supers and MX.) I think it would haven been an important halo product - something to raise the brand's recognition (not that it would have made a difference for us with "Pentax-Positive" blood type - LOL, I loved that expression from LennyBloke).

How does Pentax glass look like these days? There used to be these really cool (and quite odd ball) Limited lenses like the 43/1.9 and 77/1.8. From what I remember reading about them, in finish they were more like the M series than the A series. (From what I heard, the A series were more advanced in their lens coatings as well as supporting shutter-priority but there's a pleasure about owning the M lenses that I don't get from the A lenses.)

The past decade, I find I've used the Nikon's 10-24 the most. For my brief Sony stint, I used mostly the 10-18. However, I do miss how compact the MX+M35/2 is as a package, and I remember how exciting it was to get "in the zone" and start to really see with the perspective of a 35mm lens. I'm really surprised that we seemed to have gone backwards with regards to how big cameras are nowadays (though they are so much more advanced in other aspects).

BTW, the M85/2 makes a great picture on a K1!


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SRS are doing the K1 II silver edition for £1500 at the moment. That is a great price.

Pentax modern lenses generally follow the trend of other manufacturers....big and heavy. The optics are superb.

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pschlute wrote:
SRS are doing the K1 II silver edition for £1500 at the moment. That is a great price.

Pentax modern lenses generally follow the trend of other manufacturers....big and heavy. The optics are superb.

I read they are only going to sell 1000 units of Pentax K-1 Mark II Silver Edition. This camera uses lens from the Star series. These lens do not look compatible with old models.


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They are compatible, the only difference is the silver finish.
Best regards, John


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Welcome back into the fold, even when you have been seduced by the dark side(s) the lure of the K-mount draws you back in.

I am also a Nikon user but I get more joy from my K1 (mark 1).

The FA limiteds have just been updated, and of course there are some magnificent primes available used and new which work perfectly on any k-mount body.

The MZ-S was an amazing piece of kit, I liked mine very much but sold it as my film stuff is getting very little use. The MZ-D was a fantastic product and would've been the 1st full-frame DSLR, as Lenny says the sensor wasn't up to scratch and MZ-D was abandoned (would've loved to see the styling on the K-1). Took Pentax a while to come up with a new camera (*ist D) and by the time it came to market to compete with the Canon EOS 10D and Nikon D100 at ~£1600, they came out with the 300D and D70 for under £1000, and there was Pentax with it's P*istD (made it a bit of a trade joke I hear).

Quantum leap to K10D, then another to K5, and catch up now with the K3iii in a declining market.
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