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Just thought would say hi, new to DSLR and Pentax but found the K30 with the 18-55 lens a good start that is more than keeping me busy with all the functions. I am thinking of getting at bigger lens along the lines of the Pentax 55-300mm ed f4-5.8 but wondered if anyone considers it worth the extra 100 over a Tamron or Sigma equivilant? most of my photography is done at sea (work) and the extra lens would come in hand for getting some closer pictures of ships and fishing boats.


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Hello and Welcome
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Hello and Welcome to the Forum!

The Pentax 55-300 is superb, but I started with the Sigma 70-300 just to see how I got on with a longer lens and really loved it. Think I paid 60 from ebay too which was a steal!

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Cheers Andrew,

i was seeing that Jessops have a new one for 239 at the moment but cant seem to find another as cheap anywhere. I like the Quote....as long as it is decent stuff and not gut rott!


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Hello and welcome to the Forum! The 55-300 is a great lens, much better than the Sigma 70-300. I've never used the Tamron so can't comment on that one.

I have the DA L version which has a plastic mount and no 'quick shift' focussing, but is optically identical to the DA version. These tend to be cheaper - you can sometimes find them for 150 new. I've had mine for over 2 years and use it a lot - it's one of my favourite lenses and I always take it with me whenever I take the camera out.


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Hello and welcome to the forum
55-300 great lens and there is one in the classifieds at the moment for a good price


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Hello and welcome from me too!

If you do a lot of your work at sea, do you need a waterproof (or at least sprayproof) lens and other gear? Tyronet2000 would know, I'm sure.

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