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Hi - I have been using an Olympus Pen (micro four thirds) for the last 3 years, which increasingly better results. I have two lenses 14-14 and 40-150 (representing 18-300 in 35mm format). I have also come to understand the limitations of my current system and will be moving to a Pentax DSLR. Reasons for Pentax - I have an elder brother who has used Pentax since film days (last 30 years). I am attacted by the waterproof bodies (more later). Value for money and for some reason I tend to stay clear of the 'popular' brands in many walks of life.

Looking back of my photos my type of photography - landscapes, kids sports - rugby, cricket and surfing, and portrait shots. I have many 'good' photos at 28mm (although I wish they could be wider), 75mm, 90mm and 250mm focul lengths (all quoted in 35mm terms). I am also starting to dabble at video with the sports.

I have yet to 'pull the trigger' and buy the Pentax and I have done far too much internet research!

I have held the k-5 and loved the feel. I was leaning towards the k-5 & 18-135 but was hesitant due to the video aspect.

Now the short list is k-30 or k-50 - with either twin WR kits lenses 18-55 & 50-200 or WR 18-135. With that would be a 50mm prime - unsure on the manual or auto at this stage (depends on funds).

Standing on the touch-line at rugby in all weathers I would feel happier with the WR setup. Standing knee deep in the sea in Cornwall trying to catch that surfing sillouette against the setting sun WR would be good again against any random splashes.

K5-II I think is more camera than I need right now, this being my first DSLR although the Olympus has similiar functions. Having siad that it represents good value. By the way did I say that the shutter lag on the Olympus is annoying and the lack of a view finder a hinderance too.

I have the opportunity to buy in New York, at a reputable store B&H, and save around 200 on the twin lens k-50 setup - but I am worried about the warranty should anything go amiss.

I do live pretty close to SRS - that's where I bought my Olympus. One thought is to trade it in there and have the piece if mind of a local-ish UK dealer. Other kit like the tripod is obviously transferrable.

Apologies for the long "welcome" post but here I am and on the cusp of the purchase.


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Now the short list is k-30 or k-50 - with either twin WR kits lenses 18-55 & 50-200 or WR 18-135. With that would be a 50mm prime - unsure on the manual or auto at this stage (depends on funds).

At the moment SRS have an offer and you could get that 50mm f/1.8 for just 50 extra. Why not check out the details?

Your options are all very sensible and I'd say go for it!
Best regards, John


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AFAIK, the Pentax warranty is 'International', requiring only proof of purchase, so it doesn't matter where it's sourced from or repaired so long as it's bought from a 'proper' retailer.

But, be aware that here in the UK if you buy from a Pentax Pro dealer you'll get a 2 year warranty on the camera. I don't think that's the case if purchased in the US.

Also, could be the K5xx prices will fall further as there's a rumoured new K-3 Pentax due out (hopefully) next week.

The point is, although maybe the functionality of the K-5 family is more than you need right now, you'll soon grow into it, and if the prices start to get close to the k30/50, could be a no-brainer?

Flip-side is that the k30/50 seem to have better video capability due to a different processing engine.

And welcome to Pentax!
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Hello and welcome
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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