Haworth 1940s Weekend


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We were at Haworth today and I took the opportunity to shoot some more of my "Faces" project. I've seen similar projects in the forums, and this one concentrates on faces I find interesting in some way. There were streets crammed full of faces to choose from today!

By all means comment!

K-5 with 18-135mm WR and 10-17mm Fisheye Zoom lenses.
Best regards, John
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I like them John

Particularly the last one
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No it's very difficult light, but we have to work with it. The last one was a lull in the relentless sunshine, and photographically very welcome too.
Best regards, John


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cardiff_gareth wrote:
Was the last one taken in the shade as it has even lighting. The rest are taken with the sun high up in the sky and it's not a flattering light!

You're correct about the light Gareth but as John says we have to work with it. For all of the sunshine over here in Perth, I spend more time using fill in flash than anywhere else I've shot images.

More importantly with the above images is the control of DOF. Some people may not see what's actually in an image as far as the technicalities go. It was one of the first things that caught my eye.
Very well executed in this set..

Best regards
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I meant to mention the line of sight of the subjects. For many years camera club judges have extolled the virtues of eye contact, but study of painting and photographic images from various times shows that it can be more effective if the subject is looking out of the frame.

I suggest this is similar to showing people actually doing something rather than just looking at the camera. There's obviously a place for the eye contact shot and sometimes it's necessary and expected, but the idea that we are seeing the subject looking at something that they are interested in seems an attractive one.

So many of the shots I'm doing at the moment follow this idea, so I'd really like to hear your thoughts on it as well.
Best regards, John


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nice shots John. Like the first two in particular and I do think there is a certain something that makes non eye contact a bit more interesting in those shots.
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The last two are my favourites, the fourth has bags of character and the last has the best lighting. I also like the bloke in the bowler hat! I would have liked to see a bit shallower DOF on these as they are maybe a bit 'clinical' looking, but that's just my preference and not a criticism of the shots. I don't have an issue with the harsh light, this is how it was on the day.


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