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A few from a short afternoon in Granville, during a recent stay in Normandy. Staying at a friend's place, everyone having tested negative prior to meeting up. Not many people out and about, but I think the very cold weather was to thank for that...

The seawater pool:





And a very short walk through the old town - we had to beat the curfew - offered these two views:




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Very nice. Like them all, particularly number 2.
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These have a wonderful vintage look to them. #2 and #3 are quite striking and could have come from a plate camera!
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Lovely set, and back to your typical style Serge - I love the depth of black you achieve whilst holding onto a superb tonal range, it's the type of processing I try to do but rarely achieve with this level of success.
If I was pushed for a favourite then the curiosity of no.6 tips it for me


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Thank you for your comments.
David, I'm sure I'd have fun with a plate camera. My only experience though has been looking through and focusing on an 8x10's ground glass. Quite frankly, an exhilarating experience. The owner used it to great effect for collodion wet plate portraits of rock musicians.
LennyB, thanks for your thoughts and praise. PP is a huge part of my photography, and I love massaging those tones after having captured the images. The downside to that is that I'm somewhat dependant on my software (with which I seem to have reached a reasonable understanding), and thus also on Windows, which I'd love to abandon... I've spent countless hours with DT and RT but just cannot get my head around them, unfortunately...


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Love the depth you get in your images. You never fail to deliver
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Cheers Gareth.
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