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Link Posted 07/05/2008 - 03:27
I've been looking at this stuff for a few days, but thought I'd see if anyone here had any (related ) opinions?

I'm going to be buying a GPS receiver and thought that I might as well get one that I could use for putting GPS info into my exif's as well as navigation.

It's all done after the fact with software, so the only real requirement is that it logs the "records" for later integration with the photos... This can be done with software, but there are purpose-made devices that log them all to be downloaded when you get home from wherever...

The other requirements I have are simple - it needs to be small ((the smaller the better) and Bluetooth capable (to talk to my PC and PDA)

Anyone here doing this already? Any suggestions?

What about the program to actually tag the photos - what have others used?

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Yes Me, I geotag my photos. I have a Qstarz GPS receiver, which will Bluetooth with a PDA for navigation, or you can just use it as a logger. You transfer the data to the computer, then I use Locr to combine the GPS stuff into the Exif.

The Sony one will also works with any camera or there is a really neat one - the ATP - which writes direct to the SD card when you insert it.

If you have a Garmin satnav that can also be used as a tracker I believe. You could then use Locr to add the info to the Exif.

There are a couple of others on the market now, including one for Nikon cameras (Petekd!!) that sits on the hotshoe and writes direct to the camera.


Link Posted 20/05/2008 - 17:11

Have a look at GeoSetter. A freeware program that lets you tag files (pef, dng and jpg) and in the most recent version also supports some GPS-tagging devices. Export to Google Earth is also an option.

I can really recommend it.

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Link Posted 21/05/2008 - 14:50
I use a Sony GPS logger and my Sat-Nav (Medion P4420) for logging GPS data.
For converting GPS logs to different formats I use GPS Babel.
For geotagging I use the free program mentioned above.
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