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ok, managed to buy a k100d off of a member here it's got the 18-55mm with it but I shouldn't think I will use that much, want a bigger zoom. can't afford 18-250 although that would have been perfect, looking for as long a range as possible but as cheap as I can get, I know the two don't really go together on my last camera I had just the 50-200mm kit lens, which I used all the time, but it would be great if I could get something a bit longer (and wider if possible) what about 28-200mm or 18-200mm or maybe the 28-300mm but I think that would be too much for me as well? is the 50-200mm better? thanks, jacqui


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My view would be to go for the 50-200mm or the 55-300mm. The latter is often reported to be better. I made do with an old 80-200mm until I could afford the DA* 50-135mm which is a superb lens.

The megazooms generally lose out in image quality when compared to shorter lenses. They're fine when stopped down a bit but that requires good light or a camera which can handle high ISOs without showing excessive noise.

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Sorry to disagree regarding super zooms Matt, I use a 18-250 as a travel lens and get good results from it.

Granted the long ends do suffer in poorer light, but what the heck!

Look around for a Sigma or Tamron 18-200, they pop up at silly prices from time to time.

I used a Sigma 18-200 for a period, it's now the standby lens on my K110 for when Honesty( my Daughter!) uses it

If you check the EXIF on my gallery shots you'll soon see how good these lenses can be.
Cheers, HG

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Although the 55-300 is the best of the budget bunch it can not be described as cheap. The best lense for your buck is IMHO the Tamron 70-300 di Macro, you can get one of these for a great price of 70 to 100 pounds in very good condition. Not only is it a sharp lense (suffers from some PF but don't shoot at backlit subjects) and not far behind the 55-300 and for the price it's a steal. The clincher is it offers wonderful macro at 1:2 - and that's amazing for the money. Pentax. Pentax DA*300/4, Cosina 55/1.2, Lens Baby Composer Pro & Edge 80, AFA x1.7, Metz 50 af1.
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[quoteThe best lense for your buck is IMHO the Tamron 70-300 di Macro,[/quote]


Great starter zoom.

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Not really wanting to start the superzoom debate but I did try the "best of the bunch" Tamron 18-250 and personally couldn't live with it from an IQ point of view compared to my Pentax DA17-70 or the DA 55-300 - this is very much a personal thing though as many people obviously are very happy with them so that's enough of that from me.

Having got that out of the way the 18-250 is widely seen as the best option by some margin so it might well be worth pushing the budget if at all possible. If this isn't possible then the alternatives will probably produce similar results to your kit lens (only a guess as I haven't used them)so perhaps the DA55-300 makes more sense, if budget is tight the DAL version is worth a look - the Tamron 70-300 mentioned already is definitely worth thinking about the only downside being it produces more PF/CA than the Pentax options, just as sharp though


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Another vote for the Tamron for me, great value and great quality.
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Frogfish wrote:
The best lense for your buck is IMHO the Tamron 70-300 di Macro, you can get one of these for a great price of 70 to 100 pounds in very good condition.

+1 Best 65 I ever spent. Cliff-P gets some great results with his too.

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+1 on the Tamron from me too. Reputedly a bit softer above 250mm but I've never noticed that with my copy (26 on ebay!). The purple fringing is quite heavy - I don't do any birding and so have yet to encounter it in a 'real' photo but I can make it happen in tests.
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Ok, I'd forgotten the Tamron70-300.

I have one for occasional use and get some good result.
Cheers, HG

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I have the Sigma 70-300 apo DG Macro - if I remeber correctly the Tamron is better at the long end whilst the Sigma is better at the short end and both are similar in the mid range - the wierd thing is though the Sigma is meant to be better for macro but that only works at the long end

I'd go for the Tamron as they are cheaper and all said and done the IQ is similar

Unless of course you find a Sigma on the cheap - the apo is more expensive than the non apo version.
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Hi, thanks everyone for your suggestions, looks like I will be looking for a 70-300mm then! it doesn't give me the all in one I am after, I know, but if it's got that many votes, I think it's worth putting up with changing lenses occasionally, I can always save for a 18-250mm later. Now to find one!


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Another vote for the tamron, great start. The zoo pictures in my portfolio were with the tamron and the orchid was with the macro setting, which is a bonus!
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The Tamron 70-300mm is a nice lens. I've had a few cases of PF, but nothing too worrying (it's relatively easy to deal with). In servo mode it tracks pretty well on my K10D (for birds, dragonflies, etc) and the macro feature is handy too. Only real annoyance is that you need a lens change (or a short hike) if you need to go wider.

Rarely used these days though because I find my DA*50-135mm long enough for most things.



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The DA55-300 is so much better than the off-brand zooms I have tried (still own a Sigma) that I would have to say it's well worth saving for. Very noticeable over 200mm.
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