Google chrome


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Google chrome
Are any of you using this browser?
I usually use Firefox, so question, is chrome better, does it cause any problems.
It does run fast but just wondering if it has any down sides.


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If you are happy with Firefox why change?

Chrome is from Google, which means Big Brother is tracking you.


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I used it for a time, about the same time Firefox went to V4 . . . and was badly broken.

Yes, it works fine. I particularly liked the EXIF plugin that shows EXIF data when you move your mouse pointer over an image. It's better than any available for Firefox for showing the basics.

Their auto translation is useful too, particularly for me living in Spain.

I've gone back to Firefox for the time being, now that they've fixed it.
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Yeah its excellent, much prefer it to Firefox. V fast and EXIF plugin is really handy too


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On the internet there are hundreds of websites tracking you, don't let that stop you from using Chrome if you like it. The tracking is to show you relevant adverts, nothing more sinister than that. Perhaps you prefer irrelevant adverts It's a very good browser.
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I've been using it for over 6 months after getting feed up with the speed of IE.

Excellent- swift, simple, (operation and download). Easily removed if you don't like it - give it a shot
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I use IE, Firefox and Opera at different times and for different reasons. There is no 'right' browser. Just use whichever one suits you best.
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thanks all.



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I currently use IE9 but have downloaded Chrome and like yet Norton does not seem compatible with it but I gather it will be in the New Year. At that time I may well use Chrome as my main Browser.

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AstraNine wrote:
Yeah its excellent, much prefer it to Firefox. V fast and EXIF plugin is really handy too

Exif reader?.... I'm running chrome also ,does Exif reader need turning on ?


Link Posted 09/09/2011 - 13:31
I tried Chrome on my netbook for a couple of weeks and it worked fine, with two exceptions: It didn't get on well with AOL Mail and it wouldn't let me leave feedback on eBay (the "submit feedback" button didn't work, although I had filled in all the ratings and comments). The problem may lie with the set-up of my netbook or Chrome but I couldn't be bothered looking into it and I'm back with Firefox.



Link Posted 09/09/2011 - 14:31
I love chrome, it's really stripped down so you don't have all the guff you never really use on IE and to a lesser extent firefox. the add ons are usually handy and easy to manage as well.

It's easy to switch back if you don't like it
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Link Posted 09/09/2011 - 15:03
I use Chrome sometimes but only as one of a few browsers I use to check our website looks OK on a range of browsers.

Seems OK to me, but unlike some folks I do not seem to have a problem with any of the browsers I use - IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Sleipnir all work well.



Link Posted 16/09/2011 - 22:13
If you want the advantages of Chrome without the tracking, try Iron.


Link Posted 17/09/2011 - 01:02
layingback wrote:
If you want the advantages of Chrome without the tracking, try Iron.

Why not use Chromium instead?

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