Getting even closer with the HD DA 1.4x!


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So thanks to LennyBloke I am the proud owner of a HD Pentax-DA AF Rear Converter 1.4x AW . This means that also thanks to LennyBloke you all have to suffer some more dragonflies .

This is sort of a mini-review of the teleconverter at the same time. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking though.

Migrant Hawker with DA* 300 + HD DA 1.4x.

002 by Daniel Perlak, on Flickr

003 by Daniel Perlak, on Flickr

This lens is so sharp even with the teleconverter. I've not noticed any loss in resolution on the K-5. Cropping certainly doesn't give me the same magnification and detail gains as using the TC. The image below is practically the whole frame, very minimal compositional cropping (over 90% of the frame).

005 by Daniel Perlak, on Flickr

With the aperture wide open depth of field is obviously very shallow. The sharpness is still there in the sliver of focus. It isn't visible below because of the resolution of Flickr but the lenses on the eyes are starting to be resolved on the full size image, there is plenty of detail and texture. Bokeh isn't quite as nice as without the TC though, seems a bit nervous in places.

006 by Daniel Perlak, on Flickr

Ruddy Darter with DFA 100 WR + HD DA 1.4x.

90%+ of the frame just cropped a bit for composition.

027 by Daniel Perlak, on Flickr

Again nearly the full frame cropped only for a slight composition adjustment, Loads of detail and contrast. Great for the increase in magnification and/or working distance.

030 by Daniel Perlak, on Flickr

I didn't manage to get down the minimum focus distance/maximum magnification. This darter was very skittish and that is about as close as I managed.

All in all the teleconverter is amazing with both these lenses. It has given me a 420mm f5.6 telephoto and a 140mm f4 super-macro. I am very pleased with the image quality with negligible loss in resolution or increase in aberrations. There is more than enough resolving power for the K-5 and therefore the K-1 (almost identical pixel density)(now all I need is a K-1).


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Looks a good purchase to me.

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Glad you're happy with the 1.4x Dan - I knew you wouldn't regret it

Another nice set - keep em coming


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Great clarity and impressive magnification! You've got in and filled the frame and the points of focus are spot on, so technically great captures.

As photographs I think they could be improved in presentation ..... for example, I find they are mostly all about 0.5 - 0.7 stops overexposed, plus there seems to be a rather fluorescent quality to the colours. I would suggest looking at the yellow colour channel and making some adjustments towards a more natural tone.
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Like you, Dan, I have found this combination ideal for skittish dragonflies which can be sensitive to a camera, lens and its user getting a little too close. The clarity and detail are stunning - I can see your results are the same! I'm also looking forward to trying the converter with the DFA100 WR Macro lens to see how those two work together.



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It's certainly an ace tele-convertor that can hold detail very well
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