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A series with the K-r and 50-200 combo. These are the grown ups. Whenever ready, I will post part 2 of this series featuring the "kids".


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Excellent series
C&C welcome.


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What a great set - very characterful creatures and well taken - cool viewpoints too. Top stuff

Mat W

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Great set and very well captured, I love the captions, and as Mat said cool viewpoints.
Regards John/Jumbo


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Very good. Looking forward to seeing the kids



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Thanks for the kind comments. Part 2 will be fun indeed.


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Great shots

What kind of goatamebobs are they
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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As above. An impressive series of images.

Best regards
When something goes wrong in the circus, they send clowns into the arena to distract the audience.


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Stuey wrote:
Great shots

What kind of goatamebobs are they

These are mountain goats. They are extraordinary creatures that thrive in environments where most cannot. There are sporadic herds throughout the Colorado section of the Rocky Mountains (they are more prevalent in northwest USA, western Canada, and southern Alaska), and to be fair they are somewhat used to seeing people. They are still wild, however, and as such patience is still a must for getting the best shots.

Beyond the initial foray into their habitat, I try not to approach them and allow their natural movements/activities provide as candid a photo as possible.
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Thanks for the info

Impressive set
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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