FS: Takumar 200mm f3.5 (2 copies)


Link Posted 14/08/2021 - 15:42
I have two copies of the legendary 18 bladed aperture Takumar 200mm f3.5, one with the tripod collar and original metal front cap and the other with no tripod collar or original cap (a replacement clip-on one) and a slightly stiffer focus. It is known for it's lovely bokeh (particularly at wider apertures) and it's sharpness (which I find superb for a 60 year old lens).

The review section over at PF - https://www.pentaxforums.com/lensreviews/Takumar-200mm-F3.5.html shows only one version of this lens, but there are some slight cosmetic differences with the lettering around the front lens element - but I doubt there are any physical or optical differences.

I don't expect them to sell on here but will offer them here first as I like the idea of my lenses going within the community. I'll put photos of them up if anyone is interested but in the meantime here are some "snaps" taken today that show what I think are some of the nicest colours produced by any lens...

most are taken at f3.5, except for the paint pot shot (f11) and where there are 2 similar images one is f3.5 the other f8ish.

Copy 1 - which took these photos (Tripod Collar, Metal front cap) Price: £129 inc P&P

Copy 2 (No collar) Price: £89 inc P&P

UK Only, Bank Transfer, PayPal Gift, Cheque or Cash on collection, inspection welcome.


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That would go nicely with my SV... ~ponders...~
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Very nice “snaps”. I have the non-tripod collar version. You have reminded me I need to use it more


Link Posted 16/08/2021 - 00:03
I have the collared version. It is a superb lens!
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Apologies to those of you who asked for images - but here are some photos of the lens.

What is notable is the condition of the optics - I've seen a few of these and several have had scuff marks on the large front element, this one has superb condition coatings on both front and rear, and in the final shot you can see how little debris there is in the inner elements. The only slight negative is the aperture blades have some marking (very common) and some oil on them - but this has zero impact on use or results.



Link Posted 27/08/2021 - 11:09
Copy 1 (with tripod collar) sold


Link Posted 23/11/2021 - 10:29
Copy 2 is still available if anyone is interested
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