FS: Pentax LX For spares


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Pentax LX body only
Price: £Offers as I'm struggling to price it. But was thinking in the region of £50.

This one is a peculiar one.
Meters correctly and film advance functions well, not sure about the light seals. Will be shipped without batteries.

By the looks of it has been stored in a humid location so has some rust appearing, some buttons do not function well, aka get stuck when pressed down or don't rotate as smoothly as they should. The MUP/timer lever seems to have stopped working. Also has sticky mirror syndrome. Cosmetically has significant signs of use and has a dent in one of the base corners. The viewfinder has dust in it and something rattles inside, the leatherette is peeling away at edges but has no rips so can be simply glued back. Also, the cover for winder lever is missing.

I haven't run a film through it so can't say how it will function with film in it.

I was planning on sticking it on eBay, but will be going away for holiday soon so in no rush with that

Pentax K-5 and co.


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You could try Harrow Technical they may be interested.


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geordie01 wrote:
You could try Harrow Technical they may be interested.

Great thinking, gave them a call and apparently not buying LX's atm
Pentax K-5 and co.
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