FS: Pentax FA31, Pentax K-5/7 Neoprene Case


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Hi everyone,

Just before I describe everything I'd like to mention that i have feed back at mu-43 selling a few lenses and a camera, see here: http://www.mu-43.com/itrader.php?u=614

Also apologies that I'm not really looking for any trades at the moment.

If there's any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

FA 31mm Limited in black.

My reason for sale is because I can't justify having such an expensive lens (i'm no pro!) and I need the money to help pay for a GXR I'll be receiving shortly.

I'd describe the lens in 9/10 condition:

The lens cap has very minor marks on one side where the lens cap has been rested on the table whilst on the lens attached to my K5.

The lens itself has its finish slightly worn on the built in hood, from sliding the 31mm's metal len cap on. For this reason I bought myself a Pentax 58mm pinch lens cap, which will be included in the sale.

Other than the above 2 points, the lens is immaculate and has no marks on the glass (its been protected by a B&W filter since new. It is boxed with both caps and pouch.

31mm asking price is £750 - the B&W UV filter (worth £40) will be included free.

Photos will definately be posted when I find a moment to.

Official Pentax K-5/7 Neoprene Case

Bought from SRS for £19.99 a few months ago ( http://www.srsmicrosystems.co.uk/4985/Pentax-K-7---K-5-Neoprene-Case.html ). I've since bought a lowepro bag, so this doesn't get any use at all.

It fits the K7 or k5 with the 18-55WR kit lens or a lens of similar size - I've used it with my k5 and 31LTD with no problems, I guess it could fit a slightly larger lens as it does stretch a little..

It's in mint condition. £12 Posted first class.
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PM sent re the neoprene case.
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A quick bump.

Chaude's first in line for the 31mm atm - currently working it out via PM hopefully.

Otherwise I'm open to sensible offers


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Photos of the 31LTD can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vincechu89/sets/72157626497996665/

A few offers for the FA31, Chaude was first, then jeeves. However Matt who was third is willing to meet the full asking price of £750, so I guess he gets priority for now.

Hope this sounds fair guys, I dont want this to turn into some kind of auction. Ultimately, whoever meets my asking price first or is closest gets it.

I'll keep everyone updated, but am quite busy - so apologies for any delays.
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I've sent you a PM regarding payment, I believe according to what we've said in PM I should get priority here.


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I'm a little unclear as to what's happening here - if someone has offered the full asking price why isn't the sale proceeding? Why is it only getting priority "for now"?
Best regards, John


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We don't disclose the contents of e-mails and PMs in the open, as PMs are excatly that - private messages. e-mails too are for the recipient only.

I'm removing the references to content because of this.

Hopefully you will sort out your purchase very quickly now without any messing about.
Best regards, John


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Ok guys, firstly I need to apologise, after much reflection, its been my indecision which has caused this situation. It seems inevitable that someone's going to end up disappointed as I kept all offers opened without turning anyone away, so I'd like admit my mistake and apologise for this too. I was originally intending to sell the FA31 to fund a Ricoh GXR at a good price, but that opportunity for me has now passed. The GXR was the reason I wanted a quick sale and that certainly affected my decision making.

Let's start fresh.

Now that I'm under no pressure to sell (to get the GXR) I'll be decisive and I will PM those who were interested. I will do this in the order they contacted me, the 1st person to agree an acceptable price with me will get it. My PM-ing order will be Chaude, Jeeves, then Matt.

I wont ask everyone their best prices and pick the highest, I'll simply PM everyone in order and I will pick the first to meet the lowest price I'm willing to accept - it'll be different from before as I'm in no hurry for the money.

I hope this'll be an acceptable resolution, it seemed to me to be the best way of minimizing upsetting people, although it is inevitable some will be disappointed. Once again I apologise as it's my fault this has happened.


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A quick notes:

1 .Hotmail and an email notification says I received a PM at 11:27pm. However I can't find it here at pentaxuser. Whoever sent it please try again.

However I'm definately going to stick to the procedure in the post above.

2.Due to my essay deadline being on Tuesday, I wont be able to post until Wednesday


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This happens if a PM is deleted before you read it. The notification has already gone out, but leads to nothing.
Best regards, John


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Thanks John,

Also a deal has been agreed with Chaude, its just pending payment now.

Thanks everyone


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Payment received, will be dispatched on Weds, or earlier if possible.

Thanks everyone.

The neoprene K5/K7 case is still available.


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Lens recieved today, more than happy Thanks


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Hi vincechu, I sent you a PM a couple of weeks ago about the neoprene case but I haven“t received a reply. Is it still available?

Pentax hybrid user - Digital K3 & K200D, film 645 and 35mm SLR and Pentax (&other) lenses adapted to Fuji X digital
Fan of DA limited and old manual lenses
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