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Completely unmarked and looking like new, complete with retail box and all included accessories, plus a second (Hama) battery and a (non-original) 4xAA adapter. It has an SRS warranty until November 2014.

It's coming up on six weeks old with less than 1,000 activations. I'm ashamed to say it's only been out of the house three times. Once to the park and twice to the woods. The majority of those activations were indoor still life / product shots. It's never been exposed to high humidity, rain, sleet or snow (not that it would have mattered particularly, thanks to the weather sealing!).

Bought on impulse when the price dropped to 369. I have claimed the 50 cashback, so the net cost to me was 319 (plus the AA adapter). It's a fantastically capable camera, but coming from a K10D I prefer the handing of the more expensive, higher-end bodies. The K-5II I just bought to replace it cost twice as much, has an older AF system and lacks focus peaking, but my hands felt more instantly at home with it. If I'd never had and moulded myself so much to the K10D, I'm sure I would have loved the K-30 every bit as much as most everyone else does on the forum.

I realise I'll have to make the price low enough to offer an incentive for someone to buy my newly-new example over a brand new one, but it has to be enough to warrant selling rather then keeping as a very worthy backup body.

So I'm offering it for 295 including delivery by RMSD. That represents a worthwhile saving of 30 on new for the buyer (who also wouldn't have to wait 6 weeks for the Pentax cashback to arrive) but a loss to me of about 40 after postage. I won't pretend that losing that in just six weeks won't hurt, but that's the price I have to pay for my impulsiveness. I couldn't stomach a bigger loss than that though, so if no-one is interested at the asking price I'd rather keep it until after the cashback offer ends in January, at least, when hopefully resale values should rise a little.

Happy to answer any questions, either on this thread or by PM. And, as always, I would refund on return if the buyer were to find any fault on receipt.

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I've just looked at those pictures and realised I hadn't replaced the hotshoe cover after my last shoot with the K-30 (using a flash trigger). It is now back in place!
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Oh, and the serial is 4408600.

Which is nice.

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PM sent!
Rich S


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Camera reserved for maurisimo


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