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I'm planning on switching over to Canon 5d mklll so to fund it I'm selling my Digital Pentax gear.
Pentax K-5 bought back in October 2010, had the sensor stain issue and sent it to Pentax and they shipped me a newer later model of the K-5. February 2011 model.
No sensor stain.
It's in great condition. Can't say how many shots I've taken with it since I haven't checked.
I'd say roughly.....3000shots fired? Actually maybe more than that since I shot 600 shots recently in a fashion show.

18-55mm kit lens great condition.
35mm f2.4 great condition but lost the front cap and using a UV filter to protect the lens.
77mm f1.8 limited perfect condition. Non Japanese ver.
10-17mm fisheye great condition except for a wee ding on the lens thread bit. Glass is perfect and doesn't affect the field of view or any IQ loss.
50-135mm f2.8 lens Great Condition, the lens hood itself is slightly loose cause of a wee crack.
Stays on and I never experienced the lens hood coming hood during a shoot.
SDM motor works great! No faults and never failed on me.
Pentax AF-340 flash the battery door is slightly loose cause the small teeth that keeps the door closed are missing.
I'm scratching my head thinking how it happened since I never dropped it and I was very carefully when changing batteries since I heard the battery door is quite flimsy and easy to break.
FA 24-200. Great condition but I might keep this for my Pentax k1000 unless you really want it?
3rd Party Battery Grip for Pentax k5.
I'll be honest. Not that great of kit. Doesn't read the second battery correctly so I don't use it as a back up battery source since with a full charge I can take 600+ shots and still have juice in the battery.
I use it more for the extra handling and for portrait orientation support.

I'm willing to let it all go for an efficant price of 2750.
Postage I reckon 50 plus tracking.
It's a lot of gear and boxes so i think it's reasonable unless you want to pick it up in person.
I am based in Glasgow.

I love my K-5 to bits! DR is awesome! Got some really nice images with it and I never really care about the whole Crop vs FF since I do shot with film and if I needed full frame I'll shot with my K1000 or my Mamiya 645 Pro or Polaroid 600SE.
It was a very very tough decision for me.
One thing I didn't really like was the flash over exposer.
I know how to work around it, just means the photographer needs to work a lil bit harder to get the right exposure.

All have it's boxes except for the FA24-200.

email: alx.wong.snapz -at- gmail.com or PM me.
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I have modified th e-mail address to avoid spamming.
Best regards, John


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price for the K-5 body on it's own?
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I think you'd do far far better splitting that lot. You would have to be extremely lucky to find a buyer with that amount of cash who actually wanted everything you are offering. You'll probably make more splitting too.
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