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The time has come for my car insurance renewal and I'll be paying the price for getting a fat diesel engine. My PC also died so I'm putting in a bit of money to upgrade it (quite a bit). To make up the difference I'll be selling a few lenses at silly (for me) prices. Let me know what you're interested in - images upon request, or find some of the items on my eBay page (h2008f)

For sale:
Pentax A* 135 f/1.8 - Exc++ - 1450
Pentax F 300mm f/4.5 - Exc++ with case - 650
Pentax K 28mm f/2 - Mint - 650
Pentax A 50mm f/1.2 - Exc++ - 300
Pentax DA* 11-18 - Mint - 750
Pentax F 17-28mm Fisheye - Exc with minor issue - 125
Pentax FA 20-35mm - Mint Boxed - 400
Pentax 645 FA Macro - Mint - 300
Irix 15mm f/2.4 Firefly - 250
Kiron 105mm f/2.8 - 170
Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 - 170
Pentax DA* 16-50 - Boxed no hood, working SDM - 200
Pentax D-FA 28-105mm - No hood - 230

Bodies for sale:
645Z (18,120 shots, see other thread) - 2000
K-1 (35k shots, boxed, few scuffs) - 700

Once I've covered my car insurance prices (and a few other bills) I'll most likely not take offers for stuff I intended to keep.

I've got a few more things if you're looking for anything in particular, I'll be holding onto my core kit but everything else can be considered up for grabs.

Thanks for looking!
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Message sent regarding Pentax DA* 11-18


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And replied. I forgot to mention that it doesn't have the box (bought like this from reseller). Comes with pouch, hood and caps.
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DA* 11-18 sold

(Now if I could get the Z to shift I'd be just fine!!!)
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Message sent regarding K1 body.


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I've just sent through my insurance renewal request. Thankfully after a bit of searching on a comparison site I've realised the actual cost wasn't as high as I had imagined (I thought I needed to spend 1600, it's 'just' 830 now). I think I'll have it covered so I'm much happier now!

Items still available although I'd like to keep a few of them ideally. The F* 300 and F 17-28 will be withdrawn for now. Thank you guys for your interest!
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Images of K-1

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