FS: 3x Hitech GND filters 100x150


Link Posted 13/12/2013 - 12:31
I've got 3x Hitech graduated neutral density filters that are in need of a new home. All are in great condition (scuff marks down the edges where they've been in and out of the filter holder but clear in the area that matters in front of the lens element).

Specifics about the filters:

0.6 (2 stop) hard edge
0.9 (3 stop) hard edge
0.9 (3 stop) soft edge

These are the longer 100x150mm size (same as Lee) and so the hard edge filters can be used as solid neutral density as well should you wish. I'll include the plastic sleeves the filters were sent in - would recommend using a more durable form of protection out in the field though.

Why am I selling? The filters can produce a very slight magenta cast in some lighting conditions which often increases dramatically when stacking - the results are still far better than Cokin and a bit of work in post processing will remove the issue, but I've got an opportunity to upgrade to Lee which, although ridiculously expensive, will make life simpler in that regard!

I'm looking for 90 for the set - I'll cover RMSD postage in that. I can provide images if required - not a lot to see though unlike when selling a lens!

Many thanks,

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