FS : Mint LX


Link Posted 14/10/2010 - 17:27
In my thread on the troubleshooter forum I asked what to do with a working LX that had a sluggish mirror. hefty1 said he had sold one identical to what I had described for 565. Well I'm new to all this and I have no desire to be greedy so how about a genuinely immaculate LX body with not so much as a worn corner or scuff on the leather for 350?

Undamaged box with all original documentation.

In the same perfect condition and all boxed is an LX winder, an FB finder base, an Eye-Level Finder FA-1 and an Action Finder FC-1. Finders were never used.

From a look at ebay it would seem that 75 each would be cheap and there is nothing worse than a finger print on any of them.

If you need a lens to go with it then there is a 50mm F1.7 which could be thrown in for another 30.

Available separately if required.

If sold as a single lot I'd prefer to deliver personally within 50 miles of London to ensure no loss or damage but insured Royal Mail to UK addresses is an alternative.
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