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Free: Pentax A3 body


Link Posted 21/02/2010 - 16:11
A new member here (but a long-time user of Pentax kit) so I'll start off with a freebie - a Pentax A3 body in decent cosmetic condition and as far as I can tell full working order. Not a particularly remarkable camera, it's the one with DX coding and built-in auto-winder. I bought this a couple of years ago, but only because it had a 50mm 1.4A lens attached...
The first offer to pay P&P (say 5 within the UK?) gets it.



Link Posted 21/02/2010 - 20:15
New home found, subject to completion of transaction.


Link Posted 25/02/2010 - 16:19
The missus ran an A3 for years and years. She got it from Jessops the day they got them in.... 1980 something. She only recently replaced it with the dawn of the Optio S6. The A3 has been all over the planet with her and into some pretty harsh environments too. Always took a good picture and still works fine to this day. It lost a bit of the textured covering somewhere along the way.... but hey!
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