France Part 2


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1) cropped as suggested by Whelmed

2)Chateau Fort again - slightly better view I think ?

3) Gavarnie - reputedly the highest inhabited village in the French Pyrenees

4) Again Gavarnie and I snatched this one - my camera was back in the bag when I was passed by these guys - No chance to do anything but focus , squeeze the button and just hope - they were moving very smartly

5) Finally Just because I liked a typical tourist shot with some nice colours of trees etc - this will be solid green in a few short weeks and you won't see the road.

let the education continue

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I like your set of pictures of this beautiful part of France and Spain. Its a region I would love to visit. I most enjoyed the village scene in Gavarnie with the towering snow covered rocks in the background.


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Thanks David - yes it is a lovely area and the roads there are really white knuckle type at times

Though I knew that Gavarnie was a ski area in the winter I was not expecting to see skiers that day - never seen any before either . There was lots of snow still there .

Specially for you

The grey sort of arcaded building was just completed last time I was there - maybe 3 years ago ? and part of it was the Post Office - sadly the whole building is empty now.
let the education continue

proud owner of a couple of cameras and a few bits and bobs


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Really like the Gavarnie shots TI - and IMO No 2 is indeed a better view.


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1) cropped as suggested, I thinks that is better
2)Chateau Fort again - slightly better view I think - Oh yes :
(davidtrout) Specially for you, this is a great scene.

All in all its a great set.

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That's a remarkable village, so close to the famous Cirque. I didn't realise. High on my list of priorities to visit this area. I particularly like numbers one and two.


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