Fortnightly competition #6 A Night Shot

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Link Posted 27/12/2008 - 21:54
This is perhaps slightly unfair for anyone in the southern hemisphere at the moment, but unless you're near the south pole you'll at least get some night. In fact, to make it fairer, midnight sun shots will be looked on favourably.

Not sure exactly what should it should mean, but hopefully it is wide enough it'll get lots of you out there taking photos in the next (nearly) two weeks.

The competition will close at 18:00 GMT on Wednesday 7th January 2009.



Link Posted 05/01/2009 - 20:20
Less than two days to go and no submission?
Got to change that!

Water feature in Doramas Park, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

K20D, DA* 16-50
Image Date: 2008:12:29 23:31:28 (that's 22:31 GMT)
Focal Length: 50.0mm
Exposure Time: 10 s
Aperture: f/22.0
ISO equiv: 200
Exposure Bias: 0.50

How inappropriate to call this planet earth when it is quite clearly Ocean. - Arthur C. Clarke
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Link Posted 05/01/2009 - 21:21

Somebody has to keep Prieni honest.

We had a little dusting of snow overnight.
Here is my home in the snow before dawn this morning basking in the orange glow of the street light.

K20D with DA*16-50 @ 28mm
2sec, F2.8, ISO 200

05/01/2009 at 07:16

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Father Ted

Link Posted 05/01/2009 - 22:44
Well, having seen the above entries I wasn't going to bother, but I suppose someone has to make the numbers up

The canal Basin at Ellesmere Port boat museum.
*istDL with kit lens.
05/01/09 @ 19:28
20 second exposure.
ISO 200
Focal Length 18mm
No flash.

Getting there! Thanks to you guys

Pentax K10d, *istDL, Kit lens ( 18-55mm ), 50mm f1.7 lens, Tamron 70-300mm lens, Prinzflex 70-162 manual lens, Various old flashes.


Link Posted 05/01/2009 - 23:53
Blackpool pleasure beach at night

Edit - Rob has just pointed out that the image should have been taken within the fortnight - I'll read the rules before submitting another entry Hence I've deleted the image - apologies to all.

Samsung GX1S, Nikon D300, Zenith 12XP, Olympus OM10, Holga 120N
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Link Posted 06/01/2009 - 19:55
My entrie for this round.

K10D with DA 18-55 MK2/ F27/ISO 100/Spot metering.
Picture taken: 6-Jan-09. 19.01 hours.

Best regards,


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Link Posted 06/01/2009 - 20:07
M&M store New York, ( not taken for the competition, but within the time limits, and fits the theme, I think )

Pentax Optio-550

Daniel Bridge

Link Posted 06/01/2009 - 23:43

K10D, FA50mm, 1/2s, f/4.5, ISO800, handheld. 6/1/09 16:50

K-3, a macro lens and a DA*300mm...


Link Posted 07/01/2009 - 16:06
Fountain at night, South Carolina. Shot 6/1/09. K10D, DA* 50-135, shots blended in photoshop.

Kris Lockyear
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Lots of film bodies, a couple of digital ones, too many lenses (mainly older glass) and a Horseman LE 5x4.

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My make weight entry I totally lack imagination these days!

Taken yesterday I think!


R o b

Link Posted 07/01/2009 - 18:09
OK, time's up. I'll post the results once I've cycled home from work, had my dinner and had time to think about it. I'd predict roughly 9:30pm - I've not been making notes as the competition went on, largely because I thought I wasn't going to have anything to judge. Thanks to everyone who finally found time to enter.


R o b

Link Posted 07/01/2009 - 21:57
Sorry for the delay - I've been having trouble with my desktop wifi connection.

Prieni: Water feature in Doramas Park, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
This is a lovely photo. I love the composition, with its combination of symmetry and lopsidedness. The colours are rich and everything appears sharp and it almost has a 3D effect.

GlynM: My home
A well captured image of a cosy house. It might be just me but I find the gate on the left rather distracting. So it was a good idea mostly well done, but let down a bit by the composition and probably by the fact that the foreground is brighter and dominates a bit too much.

Father Ted: The canal Basin at Ellesmere Port boat museum
I could nit pick a bit with this - the chimney leans a bit, the sky is rather grainy. However, I rather like it, as it has some interesting night colours including the orange glow above the city, and some great reflections in the water and ice. All that and a bit of foreground interest too.

haydnw: Blackpool pleasure beach at night
It was rather a shame this didn't quite fit the rules, as I rather liked the composition and colours, and it would have been a strong contender.

Malo1961: Kollo Holding BV
The first thing I thought of when I saw this is "company brochure". It is a very well captured with great sharpness and colours. The only thing I wonder about is whether it is too tightly cropped at the top, and maybe at the bottom too.

Galoot: M&M store New York
A bold shot of vibrant night colours, well captured and composed. It just goes to show it's not always necessary to carry round a big camera.

Daniel Bridge: Moon and Tree
A fascinating almost abstract picture. The thin cloud in front of the moon helps make the moon more dominant in the shot. Ultimately though there's not enough to hold my interest. Mind you, superimpose Santa over the moon and you've got next years Christmas card...

womble: Fountain at night, South Carolina
I have a sort of love hate relationship with this picture. It is a very striking image, but there's something a little messy about it. The foreground isn't quite in focus and the fountain seems a little artificial, but for all that I'm still drawn to it.

mikew: Droitwich Tandoori Take-Away
I like the colours and sharpness of this one, shown mainly by the bricks and the sign. However, it doesn't grab me compositionally, which is a shame.

So, now for the positions. I could have picked joint winners, but that's not very helpful for who sets the next competition, so here they are:

1. Prieni
2. Galoot
3. Father Ted

Well done to everyone who entered, you all deserve a highly commended.

Right then, what are we photographing next?



Link Posted 07/01/2009 - 22:04
Congratulations to everyone who entered and particularly to Prieni for his 1st Place

Apologies for not entering

Bodies: K20D (2), K10D, Super A, ME Super, Auto 110 SLR, X70, Optio P70
Pentax Glass: DA* 300, DA* 60-250, DA* 50-135, DA* 16-50, DA 70 Ltd, FA 31 Ltd, DA 35 Ltd, DA 18-55 (2), DA 12-24, DA 10-17, M 200, A 35-70, M 40, M 28, Converter-A 2X-S, 1.4X-S, AF 1.7, Pentax-110 50, Pentax-110 24
Other Glass: Sigma 105 macro, Sigma-A APO 75-300
Flash: Metz 58 AF-1 P, Pentax AF160FC ringflash, Pentax AF280T

Father Ted

Link Posted 07/01/2009 - 22:08
Thanks for the comments Rob. You can nit-pick all you like.

I did notice I hadn't got it quite straight after I had entered it, but thought it unfair to start adjusting it then.

Well done to Prieni. I had that down as the winner all along
Getting there! Thanks to you guys

Pentax K10d, *istDL, Kit lens ( 18-55mm ), 50mm f1.7 lens, Tamron 70-300mm lens, Prinzflex 70-162 manual lens, Various old flashes.
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Link Posted 07/01/2009 - 22:18
Well done to Prieni, Galoot and Father Ted - also Rob for some good judging.

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