Fortnight comp # 81: Crop & PoP Discussion


Link Posted 17/11/2011 - 15:58
As I am new to this whole thing, feel free to express your opinions and ask your questions via PM or here... don't be to hard on this newbie, I will run this comp to the best of my ability. capture with my K-x what my eye beholds and my imagination seeks...


Link Posted 17/11/2011 - 18:25
Sounds like an interesting subject and should have broad appeal hopefully
Great simplicity is only won by an intense moment or by years of intelligent effort. T.S Eliot

Gear Not enough!!

My not so new website


Link Posted 17/11/2011 - 18:34
Yes indeed, this is the moment I wish I was better at post-processing


Link Posted 17/11/2011 - 18:42
alexfilipov wrote:
Yes indeed, this is the moment I wish I was better at post-processing

Me too, but I like the idea of the competition - it may give me some ideas.
An explanation of what was done would be nice


Link Posted 17/11/2011 - 20:55
WOW a picture up already I sure hope this mean a lot of entry . A great photo shoot too. Way to go JA


Link Posted 26/11/2011 - 17:49
Tweaked one myself!
This space deliberately left blank.


Link Posted 30/11/2011 - 18:53
May I just say there are a couple of creative crackers in this fortnight's comp. I wish I had entered now.
Lurking is shirking.!
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