For sale: Pentax 645NII, 645FA 200F4, 35F3.5, 45F2.8 ...


Link Posted 17/04/2013 - 10:49
A list of items I want so sell or trade:

Pentax 645NII incl. 645FA45mm F2.8, 120 insert, var. old, frozen 120 films (8* Fuji Velvia 100, 20* Fuji Superia 100, 13* Fuji Pro 160S, 10* Fuji Acros 100, 13* Rollei PAN 25)Price: 500€

4 film inserts 120 33€ each, 1 film insert 220 28€

Pentax 645FA35mm F3.5 with box and 2. Hood (crack glueded) Price:700€

Pentax 645FA200mm F4.0 with box Price:280€

Pentacon 500mm F5.6 MC with M42 and P6 adapter, P6 to Pentax 645 adapter Price: 250€

Arsat Zodiak 30mm F3.5 with adapter to P6 Price: 110€

I'm looking for a Pentax 645FA400mm F5.6 in good condition.

For offers and more pictures contact me: ""
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Link Posted 31/08/2015 - 19:19
I've found a 645 FA 400mm & the frozen films are sold.


Link Posted 03/09/2015 - 20:19
Sold: Pentax 645NII, Inserts, 645FA200 645FA45, Arsat Fisheye
Still available: Pentacon 500mm, 645FA35mm
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