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I have put my kit up for sale. It is all in really excellent condition, but I want to sell it all in one go as opposed to selling off bits and pieces as I don't really want anything left at the end of the day that I can't sell. Many have said this is not the right way ... but my options are limited now.

Here is the kit as it stand:

Pentax K200 D (with Grip)
Pentax 18 55 Lens (with Polariser & UV)
Pentax 50 200 Lens
Pentax 16 45 Lens with Polariser & UV)
Pentax 360 Flash Gun (with Diffuser)
Metz 48 (with Diffuser)
Cactus 4 Transmitter & 2 Receivers (Off flash control)
JJC Remote Transmitter
I Velbon tripod
1 Manfrotto
Colour gels for Flash Guns
2 Honl Straps
Selection of Snoots, Grids etc
5 in 1 reflectors
Nova 200AW BAG

Everything is in really superb condition, hardly used and is an excellent start-up kit for the new photographer.

My net connectivity is limited (technical reasons) so if anyone is interested, or know someone who wants a really good selection of kit please call me directly. I am based in Prescot, Liverpool. Rev Lewis Coward (07717469944) or home (01514308640)

Thanks again


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I understand your reasons for wanting to dispose of it in one go. It's a nice comprehensive kit but I wonder if some of it is too advanced for a newcomer (while some of it will be overlap for an existing Pentaxian). I think you may struggle to find the ideal buyer.

If you do change your mind about splitting the kit then I may be interested in the Metz flash, 5-in-1 reflector and one of the tripods. Just let me know.


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Cheers. Thanks for That. I hope that I can find someone though ... it suited me so well .. you know .. read all the "hot shoe diaries" etc .. experimented but my location and time are the issues. I cant really explore all that needs to be explored. I just want to find a decent home. The kit is virtually new so it will be sad to see it go. Thanks for the kind words and advice anyway .. lets just hope I can sell it. Regards Lewis


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If you can PM me a price that would be helpful.
Best regards, John


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Lewis I know you don't want to sell it in bits but I'm interested in the grids and snoots, what brand are they?

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and I'm interested in the 50-200m
KX film, ME Super, K-S2
Pentax 10-17mm, Sigma 10-20mm, Tamron 17-50mm, Pentax 55-300mm
Sigma 24mm f2.8, Pentax A 50mm f1.7, Pentax K 55mm f1.8
Metz 36 AF-4
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How much are you looking for everything?

Posting the price here would keep everything in the open (so to speak).
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Let me know what you're looking for (for the whole lot).
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johnriley wrote:
If you can PM me a price that would be helpful.

Surely it'd be better to put a price here for all to see to give all members an equal opportunity.
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Surely it'd be better to put a price here for all to see to give all members an equal opportunity.

That is very true, but the OP seemed to want to be more confidential than that. The choice is his entirely and people communicate both ways in these threads, publicly and privately as they feel appropriate.

In general, I think the best way is to publicly state a price and the worst is to hold a secret auction, but that's just my opinion and there's no rule about it.
Best regards, John


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Hi John, Peter

I did not really know where to peg the price, but after looking on the net I think that a reasonable offer would be about 500 - 550 for the lot. As I mentioned, the kit is brand spanking new condition. Apologies for inferring it was private ... Regards.


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You can sell K200D + 1645/4 + 50-200 for 500quid which is a very good kit deal, and all other stuff for free...
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