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I was wondering about the 'Explore' feature on Flickr and how images get selected for it? I upload to Flickr very sparingly, in fact I have less than a hundred images in total on there.

I read somewhere that only approximately 1 in 17,000 images gets selected for 'Explore', however out of the last 11 images I have uploaded, 4 of them have been 'Explored'. That seems like a huge hit rate based on only 1 in 17,000 getting selected, I wonder if someone who's good at working out odds could calculate the likelyhood of that happening? I'm interested to know why I seem to have a knack of getting images Explored without having many followers and without uploading a large number of images. Any ideas anyone? The four images that have been Explored are:


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I haven't a clue as I hardly use flickr - but just to say these are all excellent images David!


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I also dont know how it works though have had many explored images over the years. Love No3 here David excellent image....
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All four are fine images David, so hardly surprising. Does this page on flikr help: ? It's about 'How to get explored!'
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Can't help but to agree with others. Stunning images. Response is hardly surprising considering Flickr is full of questionable value snapshots. As all photography, all pics probably mean a world to their authors, for various reasons; and I am no one to judge that; but one should not be surprised that quality shines among st them
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Explore seems a load of nonsense to me but the first three of these are really engaging shots.
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I'm not interested in Flikr (since they changed it)
....but I want to say what a cracking shot the second one is
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No idea how it works, it seems a bit random. I had four consecutive images "explored" about 6 months ago and none since of the images was a pic I didn't like and was gong to remove.

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JAK wrote:
All four are fine images David, so hardly surprising. Does this page on flikr help: ? It's about 'How to get explored!'

Hi John, thanks for the link, it all seems a bit confusing and random. One of the things I always do when posting on Flickr (or in the PU Gallery) is to add tags to my images. I wonder if this could be having an effect?

Anyway, regardless of whether 'Explore' has any merit or not, it's nice to see 10,000+ people looking at my images.


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Can't help either. However that shot of the goldfinch is a beauty.
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Guaranteed ways to be explored

Only upload one photo a day....
Use only a max of four tags
Show you EXIF details
Give you photo a title and description
Post to only a max of four groups
comment on at least five other photos and fav at least five photos

Sounds ridiculous David but those are generally the guide lines
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I really like the first three, especially the third. Thanks for the link to the app - I have one image explored (I didn't even know how to tell), it's one I had wondered why it had so many likes as it's nothing more than a snapshot.

I don't really think much about getting explored, though it's nice to have people see my stuff.
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I use Flickr as a way to store all of my processed pictures but have ever heard of Explore.

It's no wonder your pictures have been acclaimed, David: they're all wonderful and show your diverse skills to perfection.
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