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Link Posted 28/08/2009 - 11:08
I noticed a comment on one of my photos made it onto the flickr explore page, which means very little really apart from a little kudos, but it does bring people to look at your portfolio who otherwise wouldn't have noticed. Thanks to Mikew for that one, as it was really a test image after a lens purchase but Mike told me I should share it, so I did & it's now one of my most viewed images.

It's odd that you're not notified of this by flickr themselves but I have found a tool that will allow you to be notified by way of an automatic comment on any explored photos of yours.

It's HERE for anyone that is interested. You don't have to sign up for alerts either, you can just search on the web page for flickr screen names to find any of their explored photos.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation or connection with this prog. just merely a suggestion for those that are interested.

If anyone else has any flickr tools suggestions then why not add them to this thread?
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Link Posted 28/08/2009 - 12:09
Nice tool, I have subscribed! (Wishful thinking, I know

Great image of the dog too - always had a soft spot for that breed as they look beautifully grumpy so I might be a little biased Although TBH I liked your Iron Mask photo more, that one was stunning.

Other Flickr tools I use regularly include FlickrExport for Aperture (amazing plugin for Aperture, should be included with an Aperture purchase IMO), and Exposure, a Flickr client for the iPhone. Although since mobile Flickr got updated recently it competes quite well with standalone iPhone clients.
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Link Posted 28/08/2009 - 12:23
Another useful one is actually a plugin for firefox called "greasemonkey" whch has thousands of add on scripts. I use "Flickr in mostly black" which changes the flickr background to black (duh!) and "flickr exif decerator" which shows the photo exif (if available) when you hover on a photo in flickr.

Thanks for the contact add... any more flickr-ites out there ?
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Link Posted 28/08/2009 - 13:43
i've had 4 (i think) pics on explore on flickr... i checked using 'Scout'. Must admit, i knew nothing about the Explore bit and still don't. One of the pics and the only one not to be dropped has had lots of views, presumably from Explore.

i'm a tad lazy and just put everything on Flickr. it's also good as it means friends in far places can see the good, the bad and the terrible shots i take.

i'll have a look later as work won't let me use flickr.
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