First set for a long time (image-heavy)


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It's been a long time since I posted a set of images, I do still post on the Gallery, but haven't been very active on the forum in recent times. These are just a selected few shots from our time in Corfu this year (we live in Corfu for 8 months of the year), no specific themes, just a selection of shots. Most are with the K-1 and either the Tamron SP 17-35, the Pentax 28-105 or the Tamron 70-300, some are with the KP, DA*300 and DA*50-135. All comments welcomed.

1. Shot from Kassiopi, towards Sarande in Albania on a stormy evening, K-1 + Tamron 70-300

2. In the small village of Lakones, near Paleocastritsa, K-1 + Tamron 70-300

3. Another shot from Lakones, K-1 + Tamron 70-300

4. An amusing image from Lakones, is this house number 81 or number 102? K-1 + Pentax 28-105

5. A stunning Silver Washed Fritillary butterfly, in the hills of NE Corfu, KP + DA*300

6. Male and Female Common Blue, KP + DA*300

7. Sunrise from the hills above Kassiopi, looking towards the Albanian coast, KP + DA*50-135

8. Slow shutter speed to catch a wave, Kanoni Beach, Kassiopi, K-1 + Tamron SP 17-35

9. Before the sun came up, Bataria Beach, Kassiopi, K-1 + Tamron SP 17-35

10. A spiky local resident against the sunrise sky, KP + DA*50-135

11. Evening sunlight on Sarande (Albania) after a stormy day, K-1 + Tamron SP 17-35

12. A local resident, preparing to fish from the rocks, K-1 + Tamron SP 17-35

13. A view from the rocks at Kassiopi, towards Albania, on a pretty sunset evening, K-1 + Tamron 17-35

14. An icon in an old church, in a deserted village high in the hills of NE Corfu, K-1 + Pentax 28-105

15. Nymfes Waterfall, NE Corfu, K-1 + Pentax 28-105

16. A Taverna in Old Perithia, KP + DA*50-135

17. A beautiful old house in the hills of NE Corfu, K-1 + Pentax 28-105

18. A property in Old Perithia, NE Corfu, the combination of colours in this one caught my eye, KP + DA*50-135

19. A huge Cumulo-Nimbus (storm cloud) forming over Albania, K-1 + Tamron SP 17-35

20. A partially ruined building, the red roof attracted me to this one, K-1 + Tamron SP 17-35

Hope you enjoy!


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What a stunning set, wow!

So many superb shots. I really can't pick any favourites. Real variety of styles too.

All the gear with no idea


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Fantastic set of images David.

I really enjoy seeing new places through the eyes of a photo enthusiast.

Stand out image for me is No.19...those! Not a duffer from the 20 images though...all very good+. Particularly liked the butterfly images too...always good to see the local fauna in somewhere new.

Am assuming the timing of your new family venture hasn't been ideal given Covid restrictions?
Hope that things pick up if that has been the case...does seem a lovely part of the world.

Best wishes,



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Lovely set David, really regret selling you the 17-35mm, especially as I sold the 15-30mm not long after.

I think 4, 5 & 11 are my favourites ... re the house with 2 numbers, our home in Spain has the same, one is the road number and the other is the plot number. Not been out there for 4 years, really miss the scenery and the general pace of life.
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Link Posted 23/10/2021 - 16:49
Lovey QVQ set David - Quantity, Variety and Quality - pointless trying to pick a favourite, the standard is high and work so well as a set


Link Posted 24/10/2021 - 00:57
Absolutely lovely set. I've never been to Corfu but these make a great advert for the place.
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Superb set, #13 then #18 pip it for me

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What a refreshing set for a chilly October morning! We visited Corfu three times and loved the laid back and easygoing atmosphere, the detail shots evoke those memories most for me. Great shots.


Link Posted 24/10/2021 - 11:15
Beautiful set. The light in most of these is wonderful.

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11 and 19 for me but what a cracking set to return back to posting images in the forum
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Thanks all for looking and for your kind comments.


Nicola's Apartments, Kassiopi, Corfu

Some cameras, some lenses, some bits 'n' bobs


Link Posted 26/10/2021 - 07:09
Super selection and variety, David. Looks like a photographer's dream location!


Link Posted 28/10/2021 - 14:31
Nice set David,

I donít want to pick a favourite as they work well as a set. Youíre certainly enjoying your time there.

Thanks for posting.

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